Clifton Beach, Cape Town by SkyPixels

Eating.. Relaxing.. Enjoying..

This may not apply to all but for some of us, when we think of vacation we don’t think of endless jungle hikes, sleeping in random hostels with strangers or having to bargain every meal you buy. No, when we think of vacation we think of laying on the beach or by the pool with a cocktail or two, waiting for your massage appointment and doing nothing but enjoying.

That’s why Favoroute has selected the most fabulous luxury travel guides with a variety of destinations to cater to everyone’s travel style!

1. Viva Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas by lindsayascott

Welcome to Las Vegas by lindsayascott

Las Vegas, known as Vegas.. Sin City.. City of Lights.. The Gambling Capital of the World.. The Entertainment Capital of the World.. Capital of Second Chances.. The Marriage Capital of the World… but mainly, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Las Vegas attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over the world, this all-inclusive retreat has everything that anyone could desire. It is known for it’s glitzy casino’s and hotels, but Vegas has much more to offer then just that; experience the entertainment shows, watch the fountains of the Bellagio like a true Ocean’s Eleven, or take a helicopter ride to gaze the Grand Canyon from another perspective. Let’s not forget to make a reservation at Le Monde De Joel Robuchon, a 3-star Michelin restaurant!

One of our travel designers, Harmke Kraak has put together a fabulous 5-day guidebook that helps you explore every corner of Vegas!

2. Cape Town

Clifton Beach, Cape Town by SkyPixels

Clifton Beach, Cape Town by SkyPixels

South Africa’s capital, Cape Town, is a place of unique experiences. From Cape’s wine, cuisine, culture, heritage, events and a stunning nature surrounding the bay city, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do!

Activities such as climbing the Table Mountain (if you dare!), having a wine tasting session in Stellenbosch, or perhaps visiting the prison of Robben Island. For those who enjoy the beach and being near the water, try surfing in Camps Bay or take a road trip to the Cape of Good Hope. There is something for everyone!

If you’re interesting in taking a road trip with Cape Town as a starting point, and following the Garden Route along the southern coast, check out Robert de Konings guidebook!

3. Puglia

Gallipoli, Puglia by mariachiara_m

Gallipoli, Puglia by mariachiara_m

Puglia is a region in Southern Italy, many tourists come to visit this area to escape the crowds of Campania and Tuscany and to be somewhere less frenetic and manicured.

Other major factors that attracts visitors to Puglia is the beautiful sunny weather, whitewashed hill towns, old farmland and of course, and the hundreds of miles of Mediterranean coastline. In fact, Puglia has the longest coastline of any region in mainland Italy.

Be sure to visit Bari and explore the labyrinthine old town, see the frescoes in the Palazzo Ducale and the baroque Chiesa di San Martino – so much to see and do in Puglia!

Interested in something else? Check out the other guidebooks Favoroute has about Italy!

4. Sydney

Sydney by fam-goehring

Sydney by fam-goehring

Sydney is a unique city located in New South Wales, Australia. It has a cosmopolitan feeling without being hectic at all, and it is more then just ‘that city with the big Opera House’! The gorgeous harbour and the many beaches with breathtaking views will make you fall in love with this beautiful city.

Sydney consists of many suburbs and lovely neighbourhoods such as Balmain and Manly, each having their own individual feel ranging from hip and trendy, to bohemian and fashionable. Too hot to spend your days in the city? Visit the nearby Blue Mountains and enjoy the wonderful surroundings Sydney has to offer.

If you’d like to discover more of Sydney, check out this guidebook made by Kirsten Danse It will show you the hidden gems, secret backstreets and unspoiled beaches!

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