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Huge when it comes to dimension, but also when talking about its history. Still full of hidden gems despite being a well-known capital. Land of opportunities and home for foreigners. City of art, art of any kind. Grey but lively at the same time: BERLIN.

Definitely, a city you need to visit. And if you have already experienced the German capital, go again. Berlin is constantly growing, evolving and surprising the people who walk its streets. This city has some kind of magic we can’t explain!

However, the expat and current Berliner Cheryl Howard tries to make you experience this atmosphere through her brand-new guidebook: Berlin Like a Local.

As we said, the guidebook ‘Berlin Like a Local’ was made for visitors to discover Berlin in a deeper level. Far away from the most touristic places, this guide tries to approach you to local hotspots in three different areas: Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, and Neukölln. Perfect for solo travelers, a group of friends or even young couples, ‘Berlin Like a Local’ will make your weekend in this city!

Hidden Gems in Prenzlauer Berg.

Berlin I - Local Hidden Gems Favoroute

You don’t need to worry about anything since accommodation, commuting advice and all kind of tips are included in this guidebook. Even timing! So, just wake up and get ready to enjoy Berlin. As we already mentioned, Prenzlauer Berg is the first neighborhood suggested. There, you will visit some cultural places and beautiful squares, as well as popular cafés and even an old brewery. End up your day in a pretty special restaurant and have fun in any of the bars Cheryl Howard has listed! Does it sound like a plan?

Hidden Gems in Kreuzberg.

Berlin II - Local Hidden Gems Favoroute

The second day is for art and galleries, food markets and happening nightlife. Not bad at all, right? Start your day with a tasty breakfast and having a relaxing walk in a close park. After some rest, visit the well-known East Side Gallery and other artistic spots located in the area. For the evening, find out where to try an authentic hamburger and hang out in a canal-side club with an indoor dance floor and outdoor wooden terrace flanked by weeping willows. It still sounds pretty exciting!

Hidden Gems in Neukölln.

Berlin III - Local Hidden Gems Favoroute

Third day! Walk along a peaceful canal and have breakfast before making the most of your last day in Berlin. Get surprised with a park that is not what it seems and have a swim in a beautiful building that will take you back on time. Taste some German food and, maybe, watch a theater play. Take some time to enjoy your last night and say (temporary) goodbye to the German capital. The trip comes to its end, although Berlin will be always there for another visit!


Going to Berlin soon? Don’t forget to download ‘Berlin Like a Local’ here!

Berlin Like a Local - Favoroute

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