Rome again and again and even forever! This city trip is a must-do! Rome has a particular antique and teeming Italian stamp that will blow your mind. Rome has something for everyone and in every season of the year. Favoroute has gathered all the information you need to known in order for the city to seduce you even from your sofa! Do not wait any longer to discover Rome through the eye of our Travel Designer and spot its best hidden gems!

 > A great summer destination!

When mentioning Rome, especially as a summer destination, the question of the weather has to be a priority! Weather in Rome is exceptional, do be surprised that one can find the same temperatures in Rome than in North Africa! Sun dry and stuffy atmosphere will allow you to adapt to the so special Italian rhythm, between avoiding the too hot hours and making the most out of the warm nights!


From ‘3 days in the beautiful Rome’ guidebook

Up to 38°C in summer, Rome can be capricious, do prepare yourself for some sunburn! Rome is full of paradox, you can as well visit its flashing white antique forum as have a hint of the dry roman orange soil and hot climate green plant life, but wherever you are, you will for sure have a cheerful moment thanks to the Roman climate!

> The best cultural capital of all

Rome is the cultural capital of Italy, it must indeed be the most crowded with cultural heritages monuments city of the world! Every two steps or just when looking a little bit up, architectural antique or classic gems appear in your sight! From traditional Italian steep charming street to huge massive antique artistic and magnificent arena! In Rome there is no place for order and that is precisely what can allow its visitors to really feel the vibes of the Italian lush of life!

Teeming, buzzing and shinning, Rome will surprise you with its multiple aspects and different change of scenery!


The Colosseum is for sure the most recognized international amphitheatre ever built! Began under the emperor Vespasian, the Colosseum has been the roman main occupation for centuries! Able to host 50 000 to 80 000 people, the Colosseum was meanly used to attend antique show displaying gladiators fights! But the Colosseum was also at the very core of the city-state life and soul. Politic re-enactment, antique myth based drama, executions… the Colosseum was both a place of power and entertainment. Today, its the most famous touristic attraction of Rome, but is also the most symbolic embodiment of its past civilization.

The roman Forum is an another testimony from the past and had for main function to be the marketplace of the city-state. But yet, Rome forum has played a more important part in its history. Real politic debate and reflexion headquarter, the roman forum was the place to gather and exchange in order to build Rome identity. There will be no better place than this center of the civil life to approach the past roman origins!


The Fountain of Trevi is the most beautiful gem of Rome, above all fountains in the world, the Trevi fountain will ravish your eyes with its blend of clear blue water and flashing white statues. The scene depicted show all the force of symbolism of Rome myths. Designed by Nicola Salvi and Pietro Bracci, the fountain of Trevi is a great italian baroque model style. Mythic place where part of Frederico Fellini Dolce Vita film took place, the fountain will have a different signification for everybody! Do not forget to throw a coin for good luck!

The Pantheon built under the epic reign of the Emperor August, is the most unexpected and unusual private (and now public) temple of Rome! Having its own style between classical forms and roman antique stamp, the Pantheon is also a great mystery. It’s open dome called the occulum is the only source of light and give a mystic atmosphere to the whole place. Quite blurry history, the Pantheon is believe to be the ultimate representation of the Heaven, the occulum being the main entrance! But the best way to have its own interpretation is still to put a foot on its magnificent marble floor!

And yet Rome has so many hidden points of interest that are waiting to be spotted!

 > Favoroute favorite hidden gem in Rome guidebook

Kelly Camfferman “3 days in beautiful Rome” guidebook (Dutch language) will lead you on the best paths and corner of Rome and show you the way in this so mythical city! The aim always being to make you discover but also re-discovered Rome in a whole new light! At Favoroute we believe that the insight of a professional traveler as well as locals is the best way to experience and live your destination in the most unexpected way possible and with the feeling to have seen all and took part of the local customs!

  via appia Basilica San Giovanni Roma

Our favorite hidden gem in the “3 days in beautiful Rome” guidebook is for sure the Bocca della verità path to Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano! This lane is just everything the hidden Rome has best to offer! Between secret intimate place and green-white classical statues square, the Bocca delle verità (Mouth of the truth) is a pure enjoyment for those who find out its existence! The great and impressive 500km antique Via Appia starting from Rome will be a radical change of scenery, showing that antique remaining in Rome are not only white and ruins as we could think. Push your visit to the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, its vault arch  and gold painted roof will ravish your eyes, in a very refine style, the Basilica is like a little religious Versailles in the middle of Rome’s craziness and standing still on its famous Palatine Hill!

 > Local must try : have a Spritz !

Travelling is also about having some traditional and human experiences! In Italy, having a Spritz is a must try, favorite drink of the locals, the Spritz blossom on every table starting 6pm!

Aperol Spritz | Top 5 places for a cocktail

Photo by Charlotte Van Dijk

Spritz has a renowned bitterness, it’s definitely not the most sweet of cocktails you could find but this is a must try local habit! It will nonetheless offer you an explosive refreshment and will give to your taste bud quite an adventure! Blend of juicy oranges, lime slices, Aperol liquor and italian prosecco, this drink is ideal for a warm summer evening!


Find out more about Rome with our Travel Designer guidebook and check out Favoroute selection of guidebooks for city trip ideas and many other Travel Style!

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