Tea time

Yummy, so much differents culinary traditions and recipes all over the world! So much food travel experiences to be discovered…But yet so much stereotypes about its inhabitants! Favoroute has decided that it was high time that we start to debunk some of the most famous stereotypes about food and give you some tips only locals knows! Get ready to be surprise!


1) Italians are eating pasta everyday:

Italian Pasta al ragù


Italians do eat “la pasta” everyday and most commonly for their lunch. La Pasta have to be the only dish of the meal, meaning there will be no meat cooked aside. Nonetheless, la Pasta can be cooked with elaborate sauce, from the Pesto alla Genovese to the “Bolognese” sauce  that in reality is called “Pasta al ragù”, Bolognese being only a tourist appellation.

2) Italians invented the Pizza :

Italian Pizza


The legend is quite blurry but our beloved Pizza would have been created in NYC by italians migrants. In the contrary, what you should know is that the famous Margherita Pizza has indeed been created in Naples, Italy. You can still find in a charming street of Naples the restaurant (Pizzeria Brandi : fair prices and amazing atmosphere) where it had been created, it will be a real pleasure for the staff to explain all the story behind the Margherita!

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3) Chinese restaurants are cooking dog meat :


Eating dog meat is an ancestral custom that used to be observed in Asia, Europe as well as some part of Africa, today, it has mainly disappeared in Africa and completely in Europe but remains in some parts of China. As this strange custom is very unusual, it can’t be representative of the Chinese culinary tradition. Therefore, no, Chinese restaurants do not cook dog meat.


4) English people drink tea everyday :

Tea time


If you are travelling to the UK you can be sure to experience the famous tea time break. British tea made a name for itself internationally, representing the quintessentially of the British quality and distinction but beware, with around 2,74 kg of tea per person per year, Uk is not the highest tea drinking country in the world! (being Turkey with 6,87kg p/y)

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5) French are eating snails and frogs :

snails plate


Eating snails and frogs is not part of the french culture at all! Most part of the french never even tasted it once in their lifetime. It has just been a stereotype spread so much that now, even restaurants propose it for the tourists on their menu! In the contrary, french do indeed eat cheese with mold or ash (but it taste great, really!)

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