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As from today, we will give you a peek into the guides of some of our travel designers! Every week we will introduce you to a new travel designer with a new bunch of guides. Curious? Stay up to date on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blog!

This week we introduce to you: Renate from ThatWanderlust.com! The biggest risk she faces while traveling is … never wanting to leave!

When we asked her to give a short introduction about herself, she answered:

“I was born and raised in the beautiful Southern part of the Netherlands, but I am actually a true citizen of the world. Reaching the age of 17 I started exploring the travel world by myself and now, 7 years later, I am still enjoying every wonderful new village I encounter during my life of never ending travels. With the only risk of never wanting to leave I enjoy every single bit of what I am doing: writing!”

Want to check out one of Renate’s guides? www.favoroute.com/thatwanderlust