Do you remember few months back when you and friends said you would go on a vacation all together this summer? And yet your weeks of holiday are coming and you still haven’t booked anything? Then, silence the little voice in your head saying “I knew we would not do it anyway” and get started with our “PLAN YOUR LAST MINUTE CITY TRIP TUTORIAL” dedicated to LISBON, PORTUGAL, the emblematic city of the UEFA 2016 winner!

Please remain firmly seated, follow the instructions and we will be soon landing in Lisbon, Portugal * !

* This tutorial is aimed for a 3 day city trip.

What you will need :

  • Your phone
  • The Favoroute Lisbon guide
  • A backpack or suitcase
  • Your credit card
  • Your passport or ID card.

You have what it takes? Fine, let’s get started!

Step 1 : Have a first hint of Lisbon !

Lisbon photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Praça do commercio, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Discover the hidden gems of Lisbon! Lisbon has made its reputation over the years as a must-do destination and one can fully understand how far this is justified only when making its first steps on the black and white stone floor of the warm and sunny cultural capital. Dive into the colorful insanity of its crowded and steep streets districts while having a look at its ancient architecture treasures, where every scenery seems like in a picture. Enjoy a summer evening listening to the center picaresque square concerts having a Ginjinha cherry shot as tradition requires it! Rush then to Lisbon pink street and get crazy feeling this so peculiar night life order-in-the-chaos atmosphere. Before leaving, reach for the sky and treat yourself with a breath taking unforgettable panorama of the whole city from its higher forteress or Triumph Arc.

Lisbon, photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

Lisbon, photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

Lisbon photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Castello de Sao Jorge, photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

Step 2 : Check that everybody feel the same vibes!

Lisbon, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Lisbon hidden gem, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Who said booking a trip was difficult? No need to gather all, keep in touch with your travel companions by phone or video streaming and ask them simple questions! Are they in rule to travel? Are they ready to leave imminently to get inspired by Lisbon treasures? Do they have an ideal budget in mind?

Pink street, Photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Pink street, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Step 3 : Find your way to Lisbon (and maybe also your way back)

Lisbon, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Lisbon, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

The good thing about last minute travel, is that you get last minute flights and sometimes large discounts! Just choose the right time, city of departure and the right week to book your flight. Some ancient tales advice to get a ticket rather on Tuesday and to book it max 5 days before the flight (otherwise the price increases again).

Be curious! There are many other ways to get to Lisbon.

  • By low-cost long distance bus
  • Car-sharing
  • Car renting (or by your own one)
  • By train

If you wish to travel a little longer, you can make your journey to Lisbon a roadtrip evenement! Choose your itinerary and decide of your own stops on your way! If you are a real adventurer, you should consider the “London-Paris-Irun-Salamanca-Lisbon” by train experience (from 114 € one-way if booked early – 90 days before departure)

Step 4 : Avoid worries and book a secure accommodation!


Lisbon, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Arco di Triunfo, Photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Marques de Pombal, Lisbon

Marquês de Pombal, Lisbon

A successful trip is often based on the accommodation booked. Be aware that Lisbon is quite known for its huge amount of private flats and houses only dedicated to short rental. This is becoming a real issue as it creates a parallel and illegal “hotel” market driven by unprofessionals and leading to some quite important deceptions and unpleasant surprises for the traveller…

Try to have some insight from the inside and get reliable informations about short time housing!

Get our Travel Designer’s accommodation selection here !

A good tip for tight budget would be to book an accommodation with no more than 30 minutes of walk, we would advice you to search in the aera of Marquês de Pombal, which is a nice and moving district.

Step 5 : Get to know the best spots in Lisbon in 3 days!


Lisbon, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Rosso train station, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Getting a guidebook is one of the essential of any trip, it will enable you to see the main touristic spots of Lisbon and to have a global vision of the city.

But if you are up to a whole new way of seeing the world and want to experience it for real, we would advice you not to move from your chair and to check-out Lieke Pijnappels’s guidebook Lisbon in 3 days. These guidebooks are made by professional hidden gems seekers and experienced travelers who know better than anyone how important it is to feel the authentic atmosphere of a city (and not only its most touristic spot). These guidebooks are adjusted to your specific need (3 days, one week,…) and give unique tips.

They are build so you can make the most of your journey:

  • Accommodation adresses
  • How to get in town
  • Budget prevision
  • Hotspots
  • Hidden gems
  • Best kept secret in town
  • Tips from the locals
  • Best local dishes
  • Night life
  • Hips and happening
Lisbon, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Alfama, photo by Mélanie Chesnel

Follow the lead and let you immerse in Lisbon’s so mythical insanity through the eye of an experienced traveler. Your city trip will be amazing; 100% guaranteed.

Download Lieke Pijnappels guidebook via the Favoroute app: Lisbon in 3 days!


If you are looking for more City Trip travel ideas, check-out our selection of guidebooks and get inspired !

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