International Coffee Day is coming up on October 1st, so it’s better to be prepared on such a momentous day celebrating the one and only: Coffee! Since International Coffee Day is such a new happening, many countries around the world are still celebrating their National Coffee Days today. Which is fantastic news for coffee lovers across the globe! Coffee comes in many shapes, sizes, flavors and temperatures, there’s something for everyone. For the coffee connoisseur in you, here are some countries that are known for their coffee! 

1. Brazil

Photo by Juliana Ganan

Photo by Juliana Ganan

For over 150 years Brazil has been the number one coffee exporting country in the world. With over 27,000 square kilometers dedicated to growing those delicious coffee beans it should definitely be on the bucket lists of coffee fans all across the world. Coffee is so plentiful in Brazil that you’ll find coffee shops nearly everywhere throughout big cities and the countryside. When visiting Rio de Janeiro let your taste buds feast at the Curto Cafe located on R. São José, 35 – Centro, for some of the best coffee in the city! Not only is there a large variety of coffees on the menu, they also sell their own coffee beans and to top it all off you decide what you want to pay for the coffee! Curto Cafe isn’t just a cafe, they build a relationship with their customers by allowing them to pay what they want for the coffee they also aspire to know their names. Personal relationships are built with customers and you get a whole lot more than just coffee. It’s a magnificent experience.

2. Vietnam

Photo by James Clark

Photo by James Clark

Vietnam has been dedicated to coffee since the 80s, so it’s relatively new to producing and exporting coffee. However, don’t underestimate the coffee that comes from Vietnam, the coffee bean grown there has twice the amount of caffeine in it so it gives you the ultimate boost. Vietnam is unique when it comes to the types of coffee available, and for those who dare to be different, who dare to try unusual things, Vietnamese coffees should be on your bucket list. They have more than just milk or alcohol in their coffees; for example egg coffee, sweetened condensed milk in coffee, yogurt coffees and coffee smoothies. For those wanting to try the delicious egg coffee resembling tiramisu, should visit Giang Cafe on 39 Lane Nguyen Huu Huan, Hanoi. Giang Cafe is famous for their egg coffee, and is often packed with people enjoying this rich coffee. Another cafe to recommend for delicious hot and cold coffee using sweetened condensed milk is Cafe Lam in 60 Nguyen Huu Huan the Old Quarter, Hanoi. It’s an old historic cafe with plenty of antiques, art and books will send you back in time enjoying more than just the decadent coffee.

3. Colombia


Colombia comes in at number three when it comes to export quantity of coffee. The Colombian coffee bean is famous for the quality and texture of it, the bean is being mild, well-balanced and smooth. The taste of roasted Colombian coffee is often compared to tasting fresh fruit, this juicy quality has people flying in to have a Colombian cup of coffee. Not to mention where this ripe coffee bean is grown is so iconic that UNESCO has listed the Paisaje Cultural Cafetero as a World Heritage site. Do you want a coffee experience? While in Bogota visit the famous Armor Perfecto located at Cra. 4 #66-46 in Bogota, where you can be served by the last two reigning national barista champions. Each of them have their signature coffees that you can request. Furthermore there are plenty of regional coffees you can taste that can be roasted in various ways. At Armor Perfecto there are even coffee tastings and workshops so you can take home more than just an experience.

4. Indonesia

Photo by Sonny Tumbelaka

Photo by Sonny Tumbelaka

Even though Indonesia is not as well-known for its coffee, it is the second largest exporter of the Robusta coffee bean. However, one thing it is known for in the coffee world is the specialty coffee Kopi Luwak–the most expensive coffee in the world–which is harvested from the feces of Asian palm civets. These animals don’t digest the coffee bean which results in a unique coffee flavor. Kopi Luwak coffee is rare so beware of fake coffees advertising under the same name. In Jakarta there’s a coffee shop called Tanamera located at Thamrin City Office Park AA 07 – Jl. Kebon Kacang Raya, Central Jakarta you’ll taste various coffees who’s beans are freshly roasted catered to the type of coffee you ordered. This brings out a different aroma, taste and decadence for each coffee. Tanamera actually won the prestigious ‘Champion International Roaster’ to prove that they’re exceptionally skillful in the art of roasting coffee beans which brings out all of the different flavors.

5. Ethiopia 

Photo by Mark Wiens

Photo by Mark Wiens

Last but certainly not least, Ethiopia, who has been in the coffee business since the 9th century, also coined to be the birthplace of coffee! The legend of the beginning of coffee in Ethiopia started with a herder who discovered the first Arabica coffee plant, after he noticed his herd was full of energy after eating it. The African country is number one when it comes to coffee export on the continent.  Ethiopia has four spectacular regional varieties of coffees named after the regions in which they’re grown; Harar, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Limu. They are famous for having, perhaps, the best coffee in the world. Sidamo coffee has a deep taste, similar to chocolate or spice and wine, and to top it off has a floral scent that puts it apart from other coffees grown across the world. On the other hand is Yirgacheffe coffee which is mild and has berry-like flavors with some hints of nutty and chocolate flavors. Harar coffee is known for having a mocha flavor that has full body which attributes to its richness. Lastly is Limu coffee, which also has a wine and spice like flavor combined with a fruit like essence making it a coffee great for those who have a sweet tooth. Ethiopia is heaven for coffee lovers with many different high-quality coffees to choose from your taste buds will love you for it! When traveling through Addis Ababa, treat yourself to high-quality Ethiopian coffee at Tomoca located on Wawel St. You’ll smell the aroma of coffee before even entering the building.

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