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Chocolate ice-creams, chocolate bars, mokas, chocolate cake, cocoa beans, chocolate milk… Best happiness cure ever, Chocolate has gave us so much that, we, today decided to celebrate its smooth flavour with you on this very special occasion that is the International Chocolate Day!  Let’s treat ourself and have a look at the best chocolate destinations ever!

*Reading of the post must include chocolate consumption. 


Chocolate Fountain


Belgium, Brussel best chocolate


Brussel chocolate store

Chocolate producers since the 19th century, chocolate is today a great part of Belgium national culture signature and economic evolution. Belgium is furthermore known to have revolutionized the chocolate industry as it has let its inspiration build new chocolate fantasy. From the Pralines (a chocolate shell offering a softer, sometimes liquid filling made of hazelnut, almonds, sugar, syrup or milk-based pastes.) to the exquisite Truffes (cacao powder and chocolate smooth ball with fruit, coffee or nut ganache) Belgium knows how to ravish our taste buds!

Favoroute Best chocolate tip : Have a better overview and appreciation of the tasty and delicate taste of your belgian chocolates and visit Brussel Cacao and Chocolate Museum, a one time sense experience! Find out more about how to discover the best chocolate city of Brussel with our Travel Designer :  Go Marjo’s “A surprising week-end in Brussel” and “Discover Brussel with your children guidebooks.


Switzerland, Swiss Chocolate

Paris Chocolates

Refined Chocolates

Switzerland is known to be one of the best chocolate makers in the world! Swiss Chocolate has earned an international reputation for its high quality and smoothness. Its chocolate factories have proudly perpetuated the great legacy of an know-how over the years that even became a precious culinary heritage. All over the country you’ll be able to taste to the best chocolates, even glancing at it just water the mouth!

Favoroute Best Chocolate tip :  Rush to Broc and visit the famous swiss chocolate factory ” Maison Cailler“, enough to have a feeling of Charly and the Chocolate Factory atmosphere as written by Roalh Dahl!


Mexico, best chocolate

Mexico Chocolates

Chocolate market

History can proove that Mexico is the one of the most influent birthplace of our beloved best chocolate taste. Natives were indeed the first consumers to use chocolate for their own enjoyment. Today, the modern mexican chocolates still have the quality of its predecessors, Mexico is the place-to-be if you want to taste the strongest black chocolate you ever tasted and have a feeling of the ancient cacao trees. Typical Mexican chocolate is made with ground and roasted cacao nibs, cinnamon and sugar, traditionally enjoyed as a drink!

Favoroute Best Chocolate tip : Dive into Mexico and enter in one of the many artisanal chocolate stores surrounding the streets and discover the best chocolate making secrets with its local producers, an enjoyment for the nose as well as the eyes! To find out more about Mexico, check-out Sandra Smiths “Snorkeling at Reef Mahahual in Mexicoguidebook!

France, Paris best chocolate

Chocolate macaron

French chocolate “Macaron”

France counts an incredibile amount of “maison chocolatiers” (chocolate artisanal producers) and has to be one of your bucket-list destination if you are searching for gastronom experiences. In Paris, chocolates are precious delacacies and only treated by chocolate art masters!  France,as Belgium, has also revolutionized chocolate by creating new flavour mariages. The chocolate “macaron“( a sweet meringue-based confection with almond powder, filled with tasty ganache, jam or buttercream) is one of its many sublimations.

Favoroute Best chocolate tip : Many chocolates “houses” are illuminating the Champs-Elysées street and scattering their  delicious chocolate flavour sent, walking through it, is a memorable experience! Find out more about the Parisian experience with Charlotte Van Dijk’s (dutch and english) guidebooksParis City Trip” and “City Trip Parijs” as well as Sarah Breimer’s “Relaxing in Parisguidebook.


Italy, Milan best chocolate

Chocolate and hazelnut ice-creams

Milan is the city with the higher ice-cream stores amount you will ever see! Traditionnal and national brand stores are offering to your eyes and nose fabulous sent and flavours as soon as you made your first steps in. So much choices come to your senses, between the national culinary chocolate specialty  “crema di nocciole” in crepes to the original, creative and strangely-standing-still chocolate, fior di latte and nut ice-creams, a lot of us need quite some time to figure out what they will experience!

Favoroute Best Chocolate tip : Go in Milan and go to the most famous ice-creams stores (even if the line can be long) it really worth it and futhermore you’ll be lucky to have some time to look, while you wait, at amazing places as the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele and the Piazza dei Mercanti where the stores are implanted ! To find out more about Milan check out Rebecca Boektje’s guidebookHotspots in Milan

If you are a passionate gastronome or just naturally curious and bold when it comes to try new flavours, DO have a look to our FOOD TRAVEL guidebook selection!

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  1. For example in Wommelgem near Antwerpen, they make the Emoti chocolate boxes … not that famous, but still awsome! I just love chocolate, expecially from Belgium.


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