The ultimate Exchange Bucket List

We all know it’s the best university experience you can have… having an exchange to a foreign country. In case you’re on your this experience of your lifetime, this blog post is for you! Now has come the time to show to your friends how wonderful your Erasmus / Exchange / Study Abroad experience has been (or is) and maybe inspire some students to follow this trendy lead! Favoroute has made up for you a special “Exchange Bucket List” to help you figure out if you make the most of your study-abroad time!

How many of these boxes can you tick?

 You know you are making the most out of your Erasmus destination when…


1) You have downloaded every possible app relating to your Erasmus city until you phone cracks. (so feel free to download our guidebook app (here) which could save you some space and wasted time)

2) You’ve changed the home menu language to your Erasmus country one.

3) Your memory space is crying for help as you made way too much photos (the half being even exploitable)

4) You’ve got tones of messages from your friends and parents asking you where you are on the globe by that time

5) You already said “Yeah, call me on my second number”

6) Your contact-list is half full of foreign numbers called “xxxx Erasmus”

Favoroute travel guide


7) Everyone can see you have been following the ESN Erasmus Network E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E

8) Your Facebook page looks like a photo night club album promotion.

9) You can’t pronounce half of your new international added friends’ surnames.

10) You’ve posted the famous “Please contact me only by online messages” apps


Find out more about Barcelona here


11) Nothing is left..


12) You have a tone of museum, concerts, cinema tickets you never threw away because “it’s a great memory”

13) You have strange “found in the street after parties” items you are willing to keep, only god knows why.

14) You only have fitted half of what you need to bring back home.

15) You have got a diary in which you wrote daily notes

The Cathedral at Night - Cologne

Find out more about Germany here


16) You had forgot that there were exams at the end of semester (but got them anyway)

17) You knew locals would know you are an Erasmus due to your new night club stamp on your wrist every 3 days per week

18)  You have lived the language so much that you sometimes forgot your own

19) You have become a master of the Franglish, Spanenglish, Italenglish or what ever monstrueus mix you created!

20) You remember having created huge misunderstandings by your wrong use of the language

21) You are experiencing the well-known Erasmus blues when coming home

Bordeaux - Erasmus France destination

 Find out more about France here


22) You’ve tasted and know how to cook your destination traditional meals (lucky you when it’s Italy!) and cocktails!

23) You’ve cooked your national dish to your friends and locals

24) You’ve became an expert on where to get a good drink or meal in the city.

25) You’ve had too much aperitifs


  Find out more about UK here


26) You have made friends with whom you realise it would not have ever been possible to meet in the first place

27) You have bounded with unforgettable people and made strong friendships (maybe you even found love, who knows?)

28) You are proud of yourself to have done such an important abroad experience

29) You felt a split when you left.


Find out more about Italy here


30) You have travelled back and forth your Erasmus country and now have tones of coachsurfing opportunities thanks to your international friends network and you’re just ready to pursue your amazing abroad experience over the world!

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