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What about having a break in a beautiful city located near the sea and discovering its hidden gems? And, trying some delicious food along with a cup of refreshing local wine? Just image yourself walking through streets that keep the magic of the past and the excitement for the present.

Meet friendly locals, enjoy the music. Experience Lisbon and its atmosphere!

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Because this city can be great but sometimes forgotten, we’d like to approach you to the capital of Portugal. And, since guidebooks are our expertise, that’s what we have for you! Explore Lisbon with our guide ‘Lisbon in 3 Days’, which collects the best routes, hotspots and tips of our Travel Designer Lieke Pijnappels!


Hidden Gems of Bairro Alto

Lisbon Bairro Alto - Favoroute Gudiebook

First day in Lisbon. Such an exciting adventure! Start your trip in the city’s liveliest area and visit some cultural spots, but also concept stores and nice cafés. Try one of the local delicacies, the classic Pasteis de Nata, and chill after wandering all day long in a rooftop bar. We also have some true hidden gems for dinner and late drinks, with amazing views of the city at night.


Hidden Gems of Alfama

Lisbon Alfama - Favoroute Gudiebook

Ready to walk? Second day in the city, time to feel its history. There are some musts you need to visit in order to understand Lisbon’s culture. And you’ll literally have to climb! Get to know the food, the music, and the locals to dive into the magic of this city and, for dinner, we have a suggestion which is not what it seems…


Hidden Gems of Avenida da Liberdade

Lisbon Avenida da Liberdade - Favoroute Guidebook

Last day, let’s go shopping! Find out where to buy authentic Portuguese gifts and homeware in Avenida da Liberdade. After a nice lunch in the area, go to a colorful food market for some drinks and bites. Whether if you follow our foodie tips or not, there is a wide range of delicious options to choose from! Wander around a bit more and finally say ‘bye-bye’ to Lisbon.


Ready to discover all these hidden gems? Find out more information in the ‘Lisbon in 3 days’ guidebook!

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