Who has better tips than local insiders? When traveling to the city of canals, flowers, red lights, and bicycles, you need to know where to go. With the FREE Amsterdam City Guide, written by the locals of the Favoroute team, you have access to the best local spots of the city, all on your phone or tablet.  But what makes a Favoroute travel guide different to any other guide?

The travel guide you like

When you finally have the time off to go on a holiday, you want to maximize your travel experience. But planning the perfect trip takes time and effort: gathering information from different sources and finding the tips you like from people you trust. Online travel guidebook platform Favoroute has the solution to your problems: by giving you the travel guide suited to your tastes.

Written by local experts

Favoroute is working with local experts from around the world to get the insider expertise you want. The travel guides are written according to the writer’s expertise: from traveling with kids to going green in a city, from local hidden gems to trendy hotspots. The segmented travel guides make it easy for travelers to find a guide they like, written by someone with great passion and insight into their city or place.

FREE Amsterdam City Guide

To give you a hint of what these innovative mobile travel guides look like, Favoroute is offering every new user a free Amsterdam City Guide. By creating an account within the Favoroute app, the Amsterdam City Guide is automatically placed within your account. The release of the Amsterdam City Guide coincides with the launch of our shiny new app, so you can explore Amsterdam with total ease and pleasure! The guide is written by the Favoroute Team, who share their favorite local tips in Amsterdam’s four main neighborhoods. Don’t be surprised to find tips like the best cookies from bakery Van Stapele in the city center, the best gift shop &Klevering in Amsterdam East, or where to find classic Dutch apple pie in the Vondelpark. We want to give you the best experience in the city we live in and love!

Interactive and up-to-date

The free Amsterdam City Guide is full of interactive maps, practical information for each hotspot, and a general description about the history and culture of the city of canals. You can access the guide offline, and bring it on your phone without having to carry a heavy, outdated print guide along. Being an online platform has its perks: whenever restaurants close, new spots come to town, or when trendy places become overhyped, the travel guides can be updated within seconds and the information is instantly available on your phone or tablet. Easy right?

Do you have any tips, recommendations or feedback about Favoroute’s Amsterdam City Guide? Let us know – we’d love to know what you think!

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