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Traveling is an activity that can fulfil all our senses. Food travel brings exotic flavors that, along with breath-taking landscapes, unexpected scents, and street music, become the perfect experience.

We love food. And discovering hidden dishes must be one of our favorite hobbies when wandering. This time at Favoroute, we have collected some of the most delicious food in Spain: the country of sun, beaches, and wonderful meals.

Since you must be a food lover too, we advise you to taste every dish in the following list! Enjoy the amazing and different flavors of the Spanish cuisine and, afterwards, try the well-known ‘siesta’.

Delicious, all together!


Food Travel in Galicia: Pulpo a la Gallega

Pulpo a la Gallega - Food Travel Spain Favoroute

We’ll start with the north of Spain, most concretely the green and rainy Galicia. There you can find awesome nature and beautiful sea-side sights, although the Atlantic Ocean is one of the coldest seas in the country (not too bath-friendly). Talking about food, the region is popular for its seafood and octopus. Try this tasty dish made basically of octopus with some olive oil and paprika spice!


Food Travel in el País Vasco: Pinchos and Chacolí

Pinchos - Food Travel Spain Favoroute

Still in the north but more in the center, we have the Basque Country. The sea-side is amazing as well but keep some time for a food tour in Bilbao or San Sebastian. People there usually meet during the afternoon to jump from one bar to another in order to try the different ‘pinchos’ each place has to offer. Pinchos, which are small bites, are free given with any drink, although the locals normally ask Chacolí (the famous white wine of the region).


Food Travel in Cataluña: Escalibada

Escalibada - Food Travel Spain Favoroute

Photo by: The Gourmet Market.

If we keep going to the right, we’ll find Cataluña next to the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful region of Spain has a lot to offer: Pyrenees or beach. Gaudí and Salvador Dalí. Tourism, business and non-stop activity. When it comes to food, Cataluña is well-known for its Mediterranean diet which includes cereals, olives, and vineyards. For instance, try this dish made of grilled vegetables with some bread, tomato, and olive oil!


Food Travel in Valencia: Paella

Paella - Food Travel Spain Favoroute

Photo by: Michael Symon.

There’s one word in Spanish that can be said by every single foreigner: Paella! But truth is the mentioned dish really deserves its popularity. Still next to the Mediterranean Sea, just below the region of Cataluña, we find Valencia and its well-known paellas. This dish, made basically of rice, can also include vegetables, meat or seafood. It normally has a distinctive yellow look due to the azafrin and it tastes delicious!

Download the Valencia food App here!


Food Travel in Madrid: Cocido

Cocido Madrileño - Food Travel Spain Favoroute

Photo by: Afar Media.

Time for the capital! In the middle of the country, we find the beautiful city of Madrid. There is a lot to do and see there, and trying the famous ‘Cocido’ is one of the compulsory activities. This dish could be compared with a soup, since it’s eaten with a spoon, although it has much more inside. From meat (bacon, chicken or blood sausages) to chickpeas and pasta; you can find a really complete meal in this delicious mixture of products!


Food Travel in Andalucía: Gazpacho

Gazpacho - Food Travel Spain Favoroute

And we finally have the south. Andalucía is an amazing region of Spain, full of awesome coasts, impressive architecture and sun. Lots of sun! There you can find one of the most popular Spanish dishes, the well-known tomato soup called ‘Gazpacho’. This fresh and tasty soup has more vegetables inside but tomato and it’s usually eaten in summer time. I said ‘eaten’, although many locals just drink it before the main lunch dish or at mid-afternoon.


Aren’t you hungry? We have more food guides for you here!

Favoroute Team.

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