Favoroute part of 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands

In the latest article by Global M featuring the 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands, Favoroute was selected as number 4! Of course, we couldn’t be more happy! According to them is the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most prominent tech countries, with a thriving entrepreneurial hub in both Amsterdam and throughout the country. Other startups on this ‘to watch’ list are Snappcar, Foodzy, Kollekt FM, and Feli.

Favoroute is the go-to travel app for travellers wanting to have their very own personal travel guide. With the aim of taking travellers to the earth’s most unexpected places Favoroute brings together a host of travel journalists, bloggers and local writers to share the most inspiring routes around the world. With already over 150 professional travel writers the app has created 250 extensive travel guidebooks. The travel guides are full of personally selected accommodations, routes, where-to-go lists, and the hidden gems, and can be brought along as mobile application and can also work offline.

Read the full article on Global M here or check out Favoroute.


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