travel organization tool Favoroute

Innovative and digital guidebook tool for travel organizations launched by Favoroute today

With the new business tool for travel organizations, Favoroute offers travel organisations a service for interactive guidebooks (in web & app). Travel organizations can use this technical highlight to offer easy and inexpensive digital guidebooks to their customers. Also, quotes, vouchers, and direct payment can be offered to travelers soon, using the Premium account.

Bridging the gap

Favoroute is the first travel platform to work together with travel organizations on a intergrated basis, and is hereby developed into a B-B-C platform. Favoroute noticed a gap of how travel organizations inform their customers and how customers actually travel with nowadays technology, and so Favoroute came up with a solution to bridge that gap by providing interactive guidebooks to booked customers.

Personal digital journey

On the Favoroute platform a travel organization can create and share a personal travel plan with groups or individuals. In the private account, the traveler can edit the guidebook and add for example personal travel pictures and share the guidebook via social media. Also, while traveling, the traveler can view the day-to-day plans including itinerary, time tables, maps and activities offline in the app. Travel organizations can use the Favoroute service, as a monthly or yearly contract is signed, and so far a few launching travel organizations are using the service.

Unique travel tips by international travel bloggers

With the launch of the new business tool, Favoroute is also available to other commercial parties, wanting the offer interactive (destination) content to their clients. The Favoroute Travel Designer community, with over 150 (inter)national travel bloggers and journalists, can be commissioned for promotion trips with third parties like car rentals, airlines, hotels or products, offering interactive travel guidebooks to customers.

About Favoroute

Founder Frederieke Wolter started Favoroute 3 years ago with a true passion to make planning a trip easier. Starting this journey by herself, she now works with a team of seven people. The Favoroute network consists of 150 professional travel bloggers who have so far created the first 250 travel guidebooks. Now, also travel organizations can sign up to inspire and inform their travelers.

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