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After two years, it’s finally happening…FAVOROUTE IS LIVE! The online marketplace for personal and interactive travel guidebooks. Write your own guide or be inspired by the guides of our travel designers! Have a look at www.favoroute.com 


Favoroute.com: the first online market place for personal travel guidebooks Favoroute, your soul is your compass Amsterdam, July 17, 2014 Today the world’s first digital market place for independent and interactive travel guidebooks, favoroute.com, goes online. World travelers can find an abundance of travel guidebooks that are completely independent and composed by the traveler him/herself. Travelers can choose (or share!) their favorite travel guides based on their specific wishes and be inspired by professional travel bloggers and travel journalists. For travelers, by travelers.

Favoroute is your place to discover the many ways that lead to Rome. Location, transportation, stays, sights, tips, tricks and activities are unique for each traveler. Favoroute allows you to create your own favorite route, based on your personal wishes and including practical information and photos. You can also sit back and let the magical trips of professional travel bloggers and journalists inspire you. Once you have composed your ultimate journey, you can download it through the Favoroute app or print a mini-guide to bring along.

Founder Frederieke Wolter came up with Favoroute’s concept when she experienced firsthand how difficultit was to plan a trip online. “Yes, one could find travel tips on blogs and sites like TripAdvisor, Facebook and Lonely Planet, but there was no way to collect this waterfall of tips into a bucket. This, combined with the impossibility of mapping your own route was ‘unbelievable and while enjoying the sunset in Lençóis Maranhenses it became clear to me: I had to create what didn’t exist yet and Favoroute was born!”, according to Frederieke Wolter.

Travel organizations and guidebooks offer standard travel routes. Favoroute.com is different and introduces a new standard for traveling. At Favoroute you can write your own travel guide based on self-gathered travel tips or you can find high quality travel guides, created by professional travel bloggers and journalists. Favoroute’s travel guides are interactive and will soon be available as an offline mobile application.

Bas Lemmens, previously Managing Director Supply and Partner at Booking and founder of roomlr.com, on Favoroute.com: “There is a lot of beautiful travel information on thousands of small blogs and offline travel magazines that is hidden and can’t be found. Favoroute makes this travel information available to travelers. All in one place. Interactive, personal, independent, and unique information, a real breakthrough in the travel market! It will be much easier for the traveler to plan his/her perfect trip!”

About Favoroute.com
Three years ago, Frederieke Wolter began to work on Favoroute. Starting this journey by herself, she now works with a team of seven people. The Favoroute network consists of 50 professional travel bloggers and travel journalists who have so far created the first 80 travel guidebooks.

The number of travel guidebooks will increase during the next phase, so every traveler can find the best possible guide to suit his needs. Not just one route for everyone, but everyone his own route.