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Dariko, our Ukrainian travel blogger living in Georgia, wrote her first guidebook ‘Tbilisi for beginners‘ about the Georgian capital and its surroundings, for people that never traveled to this Caucasus country before. A great guidebook with tips covering both the capital and the mountains in the area. Now, her guidebook also made it to the Georgian news site Georgian Journal.

With a description of the route in her guidebook, Dariko guides her travelers through Tbilisi and her favorite places in the city. In the additional days, Dariko takes the readers to villages nearby as Mtskheta and Stepantsminda.

Tbilisi for beginners | Favoroute

Glimpse from the guidebook ‘Tbilisi for beginners’

In two weeks, the guidebook will not only be available online, but also as a Guidebook App in the app store. Together with 15 other guidebooks, the apps will be published as stand-alone apps, making it easier for travelers to bring offline guidebooks on their mobile devices.

Georgian Journal 6 jan 2016 | Favoroute



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