Sun, good weather… we all dream about those things during summer! Let’s have a mind blowing break and get a hint of the most trendy yet tropical summer islands Favoroute has discovered! Prepare yourself for a virtual sunbath that may inspire some real honeymoon and paradise like departures! Enjoy!


> Bonaire


From Bonaire guidebook


From Bonaire guidebook

Bonaire is the must of sea side resorts!

Kilometers of white sandy beaches and coconuts, Bonaire has everything needed to make you feel more than happy! Summer is full time in Bonaire! Well known for the quality of its wind coming from the Venezuelan coasts, Bonaire is the perfect place for sea activities such as windsurfing in the Lake Bay or snorkeling in its clear blue water and magnificent coral reef! Breathtaking landscape and sunset, Bonaire is the embodiment of what we call a little paradise island!

As much a sea side resort as an animal kingdom island, one can easily spot some pink flashing flamingos standing still over the water! Part of the Netherlands, Bonaire is a great protected paradisiac island, its National Park hosts all species from the natural ecosystem to donkey colonies. The shore certainly has a lot of secrets that only await to be spotted!

Explore and enjoy Bonaire to the fullest with our Travel Designer guidebook!

> Philippines


From ‘filipijnen palawan en mindoro’ guidebook


From ‘filipijnen palawan en mindoro’ guidebook

The Philippines must be on your bucket list!

Timeless and wild adventures await you in the most natural and impressive island of South East Asia! Green glowing water and colorful small boats to tropical peaks and long sandy beaches will make you wish you’d never have to leave the Philippines!

Check out Favoroute Travel to the Philippines: Beginners guide to find out more about this marvellous destination!

A challenging destination, the Philippines can offer the best of sunny relaxation moments as well as of adventurous and thrilling ones. Get to discover the extraordinary Palawan underground rivers, primitive landscapes and its animal kingdom. The Philippines can be lived in so many ways, its richness makes it one of the most popular far away destinations!

Enjoy all the Philippines opportunities with our Travel Designer guidebook!

 > Jamaica


From Jamaica guidebooks

jamaica activ

From Jamaica guidebooks

Jamaica is the Island of the sun by excellence, its incredible landscapes and beautiful beaches will seduce all the sun seekers for sure.

Yet, the Jamaican sun has to be experienced in an adventurous way. Sunbathing is a must but is far from being the only thing to do on the Island.

You can check-out our Travel to Jamaica: Beginners guide to find out more about what to do in this beautiful country!

Offering unbelievably amazing panoramas, Jamaica’s beaches are the place to be at sunset! The land will make you discover what it is to travel in an all-year-long summer destination in an all new way. Everything is determined by the weather, from the most traditional cultural customs and dishes to the tropical landscape and sub-marine coral reef richness!

A sun side gem at the heart of the Caribbean that is worth enjoying to live life to the fullest!

Find out more about the best way to enjoy Jamaica and get closer to the Rasta way of life feeling and its local people with our Travel Designer guidebooks!

> Maui Island, Hawaii


From ‘discovering the beautiful island Maui’ guidebook


From ‘discovering the beautiful island Maui’ guidebook

Blue crushMaui Island is the embodiment of paradise!

Maui Island is a once in a lifetime experience, from the most beautiful sunset beach you will ever see to amazing nature wonders such as its Geyser, nothing is missing in Maui. A real gem of Hawaii, its wild nature is definitely an unexpected discovery. Far from the typical character of Hawaii, Maui is a destination for those who want to be impressed by the force of the elements. Bamboo forests to idyllic waterfalls, it seems like all the best things in the world have been put on the island. A true playground for nature lovers, hiking towards its volcano will be an absolute must for an adventurous side to the trip!

Live the full Maui experience with our Travel Designer guidebook!


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