Paris Favoroute Review

As a new member of the Favoroute Team, I share with them a common characteristic: love for traveling. Although I’m originally from Barcelona, I like saying I’m a current Amsterdammer and, last weekend, I became Parisian for three days! Well, maybe three days is not enough to be part of a city and its citizens but, at least, it’s enough time to fall in love with it!

I would love to share my experience in Paris and, of course, talk about Favoroute. It was my first time using a travel guidebook and I was actually pretty excited about it! Although I knew pretty well the guidebooks, I wanted to talk from my personal experience and become a real user exploring a new city. Lucky Paris…

Favoroute Guidebook Review

So, my trip!

Since it’s not a really long distance, I took the bus to go to Paris. First advantage: I could plan my trip on the way since I didn’t need to bring my laptop. The guidebook is really accessible by phone and using it was really comfortable!

The guidebook is really accessible by phone and using it was really comfortable!

After waking up the following morning, the first awesome tip came to me: breakfast! I’m a real coffee lover and I cannot start the day without a decent cup of coffee. How did I find it? In the section called Coffee (page 2), there is this webpage ‘’ which has a map with some nice locations highlighted, so you can find the closest one to your accommodation.

When you are in Paris just for the weekend, one issue becomes essential: how to get from one place to another. Using the metro can be really expensive if you buy individual tickets every time but, on the weekends, people under 26 can use a special one which is 3,85€ and can be used unlimited times. I found it in the section called Commute (page 2), and I definitely saved a lot of money thanks to this tip from the guidebook!

I definitely saved a lot of money thanks to this tip from the guidebook!

What I missed in the App, however, was some more details about what you can found in the different museums and cultural places when you walk from Louvre to Champs-Élysée. On the other hand, it is said where every museum is located.

At night I visited the Eiffel Tower, still more impressive than what I already expected. As it is said in the guidebook, the views from Trocadero Station are the best ones. The funniest anecdote when I was in front of the Eiffel Tower: the guidebook prevented me of getting pick pocked. An un-known man in the street was trying to play with me, some kind of hand trick I couldn’t understand. I suddenly remembered one of the tips provided in the guidebook “Be careful for street artists playing ball games, card games or any sort of games attracting a large crowd. The artists are scammers and can cost tourists a lot of money” and I quickly left that man. I could see how he was looking for another tourist immediately after me. Almost!

Finally, one of my favorites parts in Paris: Montmartre. The guidebook keeps one day just for this neighborhood, which I thought was a lot of time, but after visiting the area I completely agreed with the timing. Without this tip, I would have missed an awesome experience!

So, at the end, the Paris City Trip guidebook was my perfect trip advisor. I’m already thinking of the next one…

Alba Colino.

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