Colosseum - Cool Facts Italian Art Favoroute

Italia. Country of pizza and pasta! Sun, beautiful beaches, charming people… and art! Lots of art and culture!

Many cool facts can be found behind Italian art. It’s not a surprise considering that Rome is the capital of the country and Greece is located just next to it (as you may know, Classical Art was mainly produced in these two places). However, not just this artistic period was important in Italy! Also the Renaissance, which includes the well-known Quattrocento and Cinquecento, between some others.

Although our top 3 art works can be worldwide known, we at Favoroute want to share some unexpected facts about them. Discover what you didn’t know about that building, sculpture or painting you already knew! Because the magic of art remains behind the masterpiece’s meaning and use, the artist or even the observer’s reaction.

Ready to dive into Italy’s art and culture? Bella Italia, there we go!



Colosseum - Cool Facts Italian Art Favoroute

Okey, this one is not a surprise. But still a must when talking about Italian history!

The impressive building, located in Rome, was built 20 centuries ago (more concretely the first century after Christ during the Roman Empire). It used to be a Circus: gladiators, most of them slaves, had to fight between them or with a scary beast until death. So cruel, right? There was a chance to survive, though, if their performance was brave and courageous enough. Thumbs up to save the fighter’s life!

Anyway, the structure of the Colosseum is amazing. What one day was the floor has disappeared due to the years so now, it’s possible to admire the labyrinth located under it. Some more interesting facts: if you observe the building from the outside, you will realize that each of its three floors has been built in a different style. Pay attention to the columns and you will see the differences. Really interesting!

Location: Rome, Italy.


Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel - Cool Facts Italian Art Favoroute

The Sistine Chapel is an impressive architectonical and pictorial masterpiece that can be found in the city of the Vatican. You probably know this is the place where the pope lives. What you may find unexpected is that, the Vatican City, belongs to the Vatican (which is an independent country within the country of Italy).

There are some interesting facts about watching the Sistine Chapel itself. First of all, there are banks for the observers to sit down since it is a huge ceiling and you spend a long time with your head completely turned to those images. After some minutes, your neck will hurt. But the view’s worth the pain. In addition, you cannot talk and a guard is constantly asking for silence inside the room.

One of the most famous paintings is The Creation of Adam, made by Michelangelo. The naked character represents the mentioned Adam while the man on the right is God. With the touch of his finger, the creation took place; simple and beautiful scene!

We want to highlight two things about this painting and all the others made by the genius. The people represented in the Sistine Chapel look really fit and muscular because Michelangelo was mainly a sculptor (not a painter) so his creations look like made of stone instead of as a realistic human body. Another curiosity: the artist’s masterpiece was censured and most of the bodies were covered with clothes and shades by a religious institution. Nevertheless, today you can observe the original painting since those modifications have been removed. A lot of history in just one ceiling!

Location: St. Peter’s Basilica. Vatican City, Vatican.



David - Cool Facts Italian Art Favoroute

Time for the David! You probably know the famous sculpture made by Michelangelo (not in the Classical Period but the Renaissance, as the Sistine Chapel). However, we want to tell you some interesting stories about it!

David is the main character of a Biblical story. He beat Goliath, an awful giant, throwing a small stone to his forehead. When the enemy fell because of the impact, David run towards him and cut his head. That’s the reason why David has a stone in his right hand! Did you know?

When it comes to dimensions, most people don’t know that this sculpture is stunningly large. The David is 5 meters tall so you have to look up to admire its perfect shape. In addition, it was supposed to be located in an even taller pedestal, so his hands are way bigger than the genitals to compensate the perspective. One last fact! Michelangelo made this David directly from the stone; he didn’t plan the sculpture in advance. He said that the David was already there when he saw the piece of marble for the first time. He just took it out. Genius!

Location: Accademia Gallery. Florence, Italy.


Cool facts, right? Traveling is always full of surprises!
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