It's all about execution - the path from idea to realization

It's all about execution - the path from idea to realization


“It’s all about execution” – the path from idea to realization.

“It’s all about execution”. This is the quote of a highly successful Dutch entrepreneur and it’s a quote I will never forget. After being an entrepreneur for three years, I know it’s absolutely true: once you have an idea, you can share this with the world. Don’t be afraid for anyone to steal it, because the majority of ideas will never be executed. And think out of the box. Albert Einstein says: ‘if the idea is not absurd at first, then there is no hope at all’.

Is your idea really as brilliant as you think?

Having a brilliant idea isn’t enough: you should also be able to execute it brilliantly. You can assume that your idea, if it’s really that brilliante, will be made up by at least 10 other people in the world, at the same moment. Again, the majority of ideas will never be executed. There are not many people who are willing to invest their own money into an idea (or take a loan to realize it), and even less people are able to turn an idea into a success. Most people with great ideas aren’t even able to survive for six months: they find difficulties in surviving the peer pressure, building a team, raising extra money etc. Thereby, it’s fairly impossible to create a company all alone; you need loads of different qualities.

You can not do it alone

To build a team is pretty difficult at the start. The question is whether you can find the right people who want to join you on a fairly uncertain path. Most people will choose the straight road: a startup road is bumpy and always much longer than expected – you know which way to go, but you will never arrive soon at the endpoint. You need to take a lot of detours, or, even worse, you need to take “the same route back” and maybe on half speed. Working at a startup company is super exciting, but you need to be rather flexible and you have to keep your head up during the route. Plus, it’s pretty difficult  to find a team that wants to go with you (more about this in a blogpost soon!).

Share your idea with the world!

A limited number of people will actually execute their idea and persevere. So, in case you’re afraid to do so, just share your idea with the world! Do not worry in doing this; if you really believe this idea is too briljant to share, you have already failed. From now on you can use every opportunity to discuss your concept; at home, with family or with other entrepreneurs. Pitch your idea, ask for feedback and listen carefully how people respond to your idea. Plus, they will ask you questions you can not answer (unfortunately, in beginning there are a lot of unanswerable questions, but you will solve them during the process). So don’t worry about people stealing your idea and  becoming a competitor: Not everyone is as crazy as you! ;) Remember: no one will love your concept as much as you do. In my case you could think that everybody loves to travel and therefore there are many many competitors, but to make a route as efficient and convenient as possible, is something I am specialized in! It’s about finding your own strengths, combined with your passion.

Everyone has his own favoroute; also your competitors

When you finally made the decision to start your own business, you will see that there are suddenly a lot of competitors, but if you look closer, you will realize they do it completely different. So don’t let them scare you! They will hit many obstacles, just like you will, and perhaps even the same ones. Maybe they will take a short-cut somewhere in their process (which you had missed) and collide with something else. The result will be very different in any case. Since the route defines the result, all endpoints will be something totally different. And that is a good thing, because eventually everyone has its own route! Your soul is your compass.


Frederieke Wolter

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  1. Thanks for sharing, love these words Frederieke, and will re-read it for sure in the future.


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