Now that we are almost all back to school or work, we are already thinking about our next holidays and that, in this context of family routine, it would be a great idea to have an amazing bonding family trip next time! Favoroute has gathered for you the best family travel destination ideas, from the most cultural and sweet to the more adventurous! Get ready with your dream -family- team for some unexpected experiences!


1 – Bali


From the ‘Bali in family’ guidebook


From the ‘Bali in family’ guidebook

If you are ready for a real family adventure, go to Bali. The exquisite land of Bali will provide your family with some thrilling moments! Whilst some activities are usually classified for ‘parents’ or ‘children’ during a trip, in Bali each and every activity has to be done together! A real pleasure and opportunity to bond and see each other test the boundaries of adventure and experience an adrenaline rush! From mangrove forest exploration to water sports in the Pandawa Beach or Lake Tambligan, Bali will turn its most favorite gems into a real natural playground during your visit. Bali is also a cultural adventure; learning to open oneself to this particular culture with its amazing customs will be a philosophical gift to all. From Kuta to Munduk, the Balinese expedition will also satisfy those who have a passion for animals. Indeed, the Indonesian Island is a wide animal kingdom, from lions, reptiles, birds to monkeys, the wild life ensures some great surprises and stunning memories!

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2 – Madrid

From the ‘met de hele familie op reis naar Madrid’ guidebook


From the ‘met de hele familie op reis naar Madrid’ guidebook

Madrid is the family break everyone needs! One of the most distinguished European cities due to its historic heritage and outstanding artistic collections, Madrid will be a wake-up call for all the family and may also trigger some new passions! A city famous for its wide number of galleries and art museums, Madrid may not seem the perfect children destination at first sight, but will indeed reveal incredible local experiences. Visiting its oriental gardens and its Royal Palace, you’ll see some marvelled eyes opening wide. Wandering in Madrid with family will surely lead to some great local encounters and having a look at the traditional customs and fantasies will allow the family to be fully a part of the Madrileno scene for quite a memorable time. In the end, as they say “If you are in Madrid you are from Madrid”!

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3 – Costa Rica


From the ‘met de hele familie op reis naar Costa Rica’ guidebook


From the ‘met de hele familie op reis naar Costa Rica’ guidebook

Who said the little ones could not have a blast, wandering, exploring and climbing everywhere? Isn’t it the purpose of life at first? So they will make of Costa Rica their playground! From culinary experiences to excursions in the Guayabo National Monument volcanic land, our Travel Designer will deliver you all the secrets for perfect family time in Costa Rica. No better way to learn the importance of nature than when visiting the Natural Park Arenal and Blue lagoon, hotsprings pools! A challenging yet admirable family adventure that will allow you to have a taste of a cultural atmosphere so different to your own. The traditional breakfast dish, Gallo Pinto, and the “miracle fruit” aftertaste surprises await you in Costa Rica where growing up takes on an all new meaning!

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4 – Brussel

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From the ‘Ontdek Brussel samen met je kinderen ‘ guidebook


From the ‘Ontdek Brussel samen met je kinderen ‘ guidebook

Brussels is not only a pleasure for grown-ups! Brussels has something for everyone, from its romantic character for mum and dad to impressive green squares and attractions for the children, Brussels will not let you down! At the heart of Europe, what better place than Brussels to observe and expose the youngest ones to the European lifestyle and an open minded philosophy. A perfect blend between the charm of Amsterdam and Lille, modern Brussels is at the edge of everything that is new in Europe. This particular aspect will surely make you hear “What is it?” and “Why?” all day long from your alert children. From discreet laughter in front of the Manneken Pis to a more candid “Wow!” when facing the Grand Palace, Brussels will be a life long memory for all.

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