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‘Favoroute is developing into a BBC platform for travel guidebooks’ is the title of the article written by TravelNext. The article gives an extensive explanation about the new features we added for travel organizations and shows how our platform is now also for travel organizations available, and not just for travelers. Read the full article […]

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Innovative and digital guidebook tool for travel organizations launched by Favoroute today With the new business tool for travel organizations, Favoroute offers travel organisations a service for interactive guidebooks (in web & app). Travel organizations can use this technical highlight to offer easy and inexpensive digital guidebooks to their customers. Also, quotes, vouchers, and direct payment […]

Favoroute App | Favoroute

Today the newest version of the iOS App is released! From now on, you can download your chosen or created guidebooks on the App to take it with you… also when you don’t have an internet connection! The new App has an additional ‘reading guides offline’ function, better quality photos, and an overall improved performance. Curious to find […]

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Did you find some of the Favoroute travel guidebooks you like, but you wish to combine them to create your own travel plan? This is possible! By copying guidebooks written by our Travel Designers, you can mix and match different destinations to create your own route. Download your guide and bring it on the App! Easy […]

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Favoroute is Start-Up of the Week in NRC Next. The article answers the questions: ‘How does it work?’, ‘How does Favoroute make money’ and ‘How many people use it?’. Find the online version in NRC Q here.

Cover NRC Q | Favoroute

Dutch newspaper NRC Q announced Favoroute as ‘Start-Up of the Week’! Every week, NRC Q exposes a start-up with potential. This week they announces Favoroute as ‘the final travel guidebook’. The article explains how Favoroute works and who is involved. Click here to read the full article.

Favoroute ITB Berlin 2015

Last week, Frederieke and Charlotte visited the largest travel conference in the world: ITB in Berlin. A place full of tourist boards, travel bloggers, travel companies, airlines, travel organisations and any company you can imagine in the travel industry.

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Launch iOS App Favoroute

From today our Favoroute iOS app is available in the App Store! It is now possible to can now surf to your Favoroute guides on Android and iOS! Here are some the screenshots of our iOS app: For downloading the app, go to the App Store here.

Intermediair Magazine Favoroute

Difference between corporate and start-ups is: “I have more energy now!” Frederieke was interviewed by Intermediair, a magazine about jobs, about her transfer from corporate business to her start-up. Read the full article here

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“What is your favourite travel app?” was the question the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf asked its readers. The answer? Some of them said Favoroute! Can you tell us what yours is? For the complete article, click here.  

Favoroute Homepage

We are so thrilled! Today we launched a new version of www.favoroute.com. From now on you can create your own travel guidebook, so planning your travels has become a lot easier! Add destinations to your own guide, written by Travel Designers, completed with travel advices per day and full of places to eat, sleep, visit […]

Founded in Holland | Favoroute

Last week Favoroute has become a part of the Founded in Holland group. Part of the global Founded X community, this list is a tribute to innovative startups that are proud of their Dutch roots and is a Partner of DutchStartupDatabase. Favoroute is among many inspiring start-ups like Snappcar, Blendle, Wetransfer and Ticketswap.

Zuid-Limburg | Favoroute

WIN the pocket guide ‘Leven als een God in Zuid-Limburg’ by Tineke Zwijgers Onderweg and Dorien Koppenberg! Check their Facebook to see how you can win one of these 5 amazing guides about the southern part of The Netherlands! Also, check their website for more information: http://www.tinekezwijgers.nl/reisgidsen-favoroute.html   Interesting in ordering this guidebook? Print

Sardegna | Favoroute

WIN the Sardinia pocket guide by I love the seaside! Check their Facebook to see how you can win one of these 5 amazing surf guides! There are 5 guides to be won…so check out their Facebook soon! For more information about the author, Alexandra, visit their website: http://www.zee-inkt.nl/  

It's all about execution - the path from idea to realization

  “It’s all about execution” – the path from idea to realization. “It’s all about execution”. This is the quote of a highly successful Dutch entrepreneur and it’s a quote I will never forget. After being an entrepreneur for three years, I know it’s absolutely true: once you have an idea, you can share this with the world. […]

La Gomera | Favoroute

Favoroute got published internationally! News paper Het Laatste Nieuws (the largest paper in Belgium) published an article about La Gomera by our Travel Designers Tineke Zwijgers and Dorien Koppenberg. They talk about their favourite hiking routes and tours and about the culture on the island AND mentioned their Favoroute guide about La Gomera (click here). […]

Travel Next Logo | Favoroute

In the article “It’s time to leave the old travel guide, welcome travel guide 2.0″ (in Dutch) Frederieke speaks about the changes in the way of traveling. More and more travelers travel independent and one their own. This new way of traveling is asking for a different kind of information: digital, interactive, personal and up-to-date […]

TravelNext | Favoroute

Today on TravelNext a duo interview with Frederieke and Veerle from travel start-up Travel Diaries about connecting travelers before and after their trips! Read the full article here (in Dutch): http://www.travelnext.nl/connecting-travelers-duo-interview-met-experts-favoroute-en-traveldiaries.html

skift-travel | Favoroute

Favoroute is selected as one of the daily travel start-up’s to watch on Travel website Skift! Read the full article here

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In the upcoming weeks, founder of Favoroute Frederieke Wolter, will blog about her experiences of starting a business, facing a crowdfunding campaign and about being a female entrepreneur. In today’s first blog, she will discuss how to use your network in your crowdfunding campaign. How to use your own network to achieve your first successful […]

TravelNext | Favoroute

Favoroute on Frankwatching as one of the six ‘prepared’ start-ups for the power of consumers! Read the full article here (in Dutch): http://www.frankwatching.com/archive/2014/11/12/reisbranche-affiliates-word-groot-zoek-je-niche-of-ga-naar-huis/

Favoroute weekend

The weekend is the ultimate time to relax and to daydream about travel. Therefore, Travel Designers see the weekend as the best time to post their inspiring stories on the internet, hoping for the lost wandering traveler to feel inspired and to pack his/her bags. Also this weekend. In two posts, Favoroute was brought to the […]

Pluijm's Eetbare Wereld | Favoroute

The second guide by René Pluijm from Pluijm’s Eetbare Wereld is available (also in printed version!). This week’s guide is, just as last week, linked to today’s episode about Iceland. Do you want to have a printed version of this guide? Check out this link: Print View Pluijm’s Eetbare Wereld today at RTL4 at 16.05 […]

Sprout | Favoroute

Sprout.nl is a Dutch online magazine, writing about technology, knowledge and the newest updates in the start-up world! Today also Favoroute is mentioned as one of the ‘7 Need to Knows’ where we were ranked nr. 4. The post explains how we raised money with our crowdfunding at crowdfunding platform Leapfunder. For more information, visit […]

TravelPro | Favoroute

The Dutch travel trade magazine TravelPro published an article about Favoroute called ‘Start-up Favoroute grows with crowdfunding and interactive travel guidebook’. Read the full article here: Link to Travel Pro article.

dutchcowgirls | Favoroute

Favoroute was published on the online magazine ‘DutchCowgirls’ for gadgets and trends on the field of new media. Favoroute was published with an article about raising €115,000 in the first crowdfunding campaign. Read the complete article here.  

Favoroute crowdfunding

We closed our crowdfunding campaign with great success! In the last two months, we raised €115.000 – 230% of our minimum pledging amount! We would like to thank all our backers and supporters for the great success! For more information and the complete press release (in Dutch), check out this link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxDGYzdNgb0-SFdzSXFESVZyOTQ&usp=sharing or contact Charlotte […]

Pluijm's Eetbare Wereld | Favoroute

Today the Iceland guide ‘Iceland Westman Islands and Reykjavik’ by René Pluijm is live! https://www.favoroute.com/favoroute/378 Find all the places of today’s RTL4 show Pluijm’s Eetbare Wereld in one guide! The first episode of Pluijm’s Eetbare Wereld will air at RTL4, today at 16.05 hrs. Watch the preview of the first episode: To print the guidebook […]

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Find guides of our inspiring Travel Designers on the Pinterest Map! http://www.pinterest.com/favoroute/ Follow our board or profile to stay up to date on the latest inspirations: Follow Pinterest’s board Pin pets on Pinterest.

Favoroute Fast Moving Targets

On the 14th of October 2014, Frederieke Wolter was interviewed by Fast Moving Targets’ program Top Names about Favoroute – its origin, competitors, travel bloggers – and an easier way of traveling!  View the complete interview here (in Dutch only):

Buitenleven | Favoroute

Frederieke was interviewed by magazine Buitenleven (Outdoor Life) about Favoroute and her favorite hotspots.

Favoroute travelguide Henriette Bokslag

What are the must-do’s and must-sees for this Fall according to Henriette? “For this fall I should say: go on a citytrip to the south to catch some sun and enjoy your time before winter gets here! In winter time you should definitely go to Finland or Lapland, they’re upcoming destinations. And for Christmas shopping, […]

Favoroute travelguide Henriette Bokslag

Does Henriette from Henriëtte Bokslag – Freelance travel blogger and journalist still has something on her Bucket List? “I have so many places on my bucket list! The more I travel the longer my bucket list gets. From Mexico to Australia and from Indonesia to Lapland. At this moment I have no plans to really go there […]

Favoroute travelguide

What are the best tips in Henriette’s favorite travel guides?! “In my Bangkok guide I write about the island Koh Talu, it is still kind of undiscovered and really a worth visit. In my Cape Town guide, you just have to follow the whole route and do everything I mentioned: then you will have done […]

Favoroute travelguide Henriette Bokslag

Favorite travel guidebooks according to Henriette? “Cape Town and Bangkok!” Travel to the most southern point of Africa or travel from Bangkok to paradise – you can find it all in Henriette’s guidebooks:www.favoroute.com/henriettebokslag

Want to find out more about the Travel Designers creating these really cool and beautiful travel guidebooks? This week we introduce to you: Henriette from http://travelaroundwithme.com! On ‘travel around with me’ Henriëtte (30) tells her experiences while traveling. She is fascinated by the unknown and driven by the adventures along the way. As curious as […]

What are the best tips in Tineke and Dorien’s travel guidebook about the North of Portugal? “North Portugal is unspoiled. Travellers mainly visit the South, Lisbon and Porto, but the northern countryside is great! Not to miss: Guimaraes with the Unesco World Heritage town centre, Douro Valley (wine!), Aveiro with its canals and Costa Nova […]

Did you already spot the travel guidebook by Dorien and Tineke about Northern Portugal? Road-tripping through cities (like Porto), national parks (like da Peneda-Gerês) and to the ‘Venice of Portugal’. Check out Tineke and Dorien’s guide with all the best tips for the north of Portugal here: http://www.favoroute.com/favoroute/71  

A new week and Two new Travel Designers!  How many countries did you visit? “We traveled about 42 countries- which of some countries they visiting very often (or for a longer time). Dorien lived and worked for 1,5 year in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and Tineke spent almost 18 months in Indonesia (in 13 different visits).”  How […]

What is the Summer must-do according to Roëll from We Are Travellers? “Myanmar. I visited this country recently and it’s incredibly beautiful! This country only opened its borders recently and therefore it’s still very authentic, has the most beautiful temples, special nature, best food and extremely kind people. Although you can see large hotels being build and […]