Winkelen in Rotterdam

The travel guide ‘Hippe Shopgids Rotterdam‘ written by Kim Stolk of Hotterdan is published in the local Rotterdam UIT Agenda Magazine. “Are you looking for unique places in Rotterdam? With the new app ‘Hippe Shopgids Rotterdam’ you walk from one pearl to the next! From beautiful shops to cultural hotspots.”  

Hippe Shopgids Rotterdam in Algemeen Dagblad

The Rotterdam travel guide ‘Hippe Shopgids Rotterdam‘ is featured in the national Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

The Next Web features Favoroute travel guides

Last week the guys from The Next Web featured Favoroute as one of the 5 startups that make globetrotting the world a hassle free affair. We couldn’t agree more and we are super proud to be listed as one of their 5 startups! The author of the article, Sofie Bittner, explains: “I recently moved to Amsterdam to work […]


Who has better tips than local insiders? When traveling to the city of canals, flowers, red lights, and bicycles, you need to know where to go. With the FREE Amsterdam City Guide, written by the locals of the Favoroute team, you have access to the best local spots of the city, all on your phone […]

ad newspaper (1)

Last weekend Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad (AD) published a large news spread in their weekend magazine about ‘the new travel guides’ and their features. And the good news is… Favoroute is one of the examples given! With 9 features, they explain the new characteristics of the travel guide 2.0:  1. No lugging around The new travel […]

Favoroute interview Travel Massive

In today’s published interview by Travel Massive, Frederieke Wolter, founder of Favoroute, explains more about her perspective on the company. Questions like how Frederieke came up with the concept of Favoroute, what makes Favoroute different to any other travel startup, and some advice for other entrepreneurs are being discussed. Main advise from Frederieke for entrepreneurs? “Don’t […]

Favoroute part of 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands

In the latest article by Global M featuring the 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands, Favoroute was selected as number 4! Of course, we couldn’t be more happy! According to them is the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most prominent tech countries, with a thriving entrepreneurial hub in both Amsterdam and throughout the country. Other […]

Inspiring Fifty Queen Maxima | Favoroute

Last week has been Startup Week in Amsterdam: plenty of start-up events to promote both startups and women in tech. With big events like The Next Women Awards, Startup Fest, and The Next Web Amsterdam was booming! In this blog post we share our day-to-day report of the events, with pictures and all.. ;)

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Favoroute reisgidsen op ANWB

Favoroute was featured in an article on the website of the ANWB website, the Dutch largest travel and breakdown service association. In this issue, different initiative around local advices are being discussed, of which Favoroute was one. The article explains how travel guides on Favoroute are written by locals. “There are these wonderful platform where you […]

100 best hidden gems for 2016 | Favoroute

‘What are your favorite places in the world?’ is what we asked our 150+ Travel Designers. Discovering the world place by place, our local experts, travel bloggers, and journalists collected their hidden gems for you!

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Favoroute featured on RTL Z

Last Friday, Favoroute was on television in the Dutch television program Z Today of channel RTL Z. The item discusses the trend of people searching for their travel inspiration on blogs more often. Therefore, travel bloggers are able to make their living out of traveling the world and get paid for this!

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New Update Favoroute App available

From today a new update from the Favoroute app is available! The app features a new fresh design (matching our upcoming re-design of the website) and new features like downloading the guidebook for offline usage and adding a guidebook to your bucket list.  Continue reading

Explore Utrecht App Preview Favoroute

Komende week zal in het teken staan van de Vakantiebeurs. Sta je op het punt om de trein in te stappen op weg naar Utrecht? Grote kans dat je dan ook even een kijkje wil nemen in deze Dom stad! Speciaal voor deze mooie gelegenheid heeft onze Utrecht-expert Dainahara van Explore Utrecht een reisgids geschreven én uitgebracht als app!

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Shit Happens Mirtas Diaries

Every backpacker knows situations like these.. embarrassing moments that result from a lack of privacy, a true love for wandering the world, or everyday problems like reading a book in dorms. Besides describing these moments in her guidebooks, Travel Designer Myrte Hisschemöller captured these moments also perfectly in her cartoons! On her blog she knows how […]

Tbilisi for beginners Dariko | Favoroute

Dariko, our Ukrainian travel blogger living in Georgia, wrote her first guidebook ‘Tbilisi for beginners‘ about the Georgian capital and its surroundings, for people that never traveled to this Caucasus country before. A great guidebook with tips covering both the capital and the mountains in the area. Now, her guidebook also made it to the Georgian news site Georgian Journal.

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Dresden-Christmas-Market | Favoroute

Wandering through the snowy streets, listening to the Christmas songs, and holding a cup of hot glühwein is exactly what everybody needs during this time of year! All over Europe, different markets pop up selling their Christmas stuff. But to be honest, no-one really goes there for the stuff they sell, right? It’s just the perfect […]

Autumn Stockholm | Favoroute

Rain, wind, and cold. Or maybe just the last bit of sun before the winter starts? Some hate the autumn and other’s love it. It’s the season of orange, red, and yellow. The season of rain boots. And the season of long strolls in the city or at the beach. Are you wandering to warm destinations in […]

Unexpected Places | Favoroute

Let us take you to unexpected places, a place beyond your dreams. – mission statement Favoroute. 

Off the beaten tracks and hidden gems. You want to go to a place unique, a place that could not be found in the ordinary travel guidebooks. Pick a guidebook written by an expert, maybe a local or expat, staying on a location for a longer time. Or for an expert with a unique talent in finding hotspots or budget places.

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Local Expert | Favoroute

You love to travel, but don’t consider yourself a tourist. You explore the off the beaten tracks and are most comfortable experiencing a country with homestays, local diners, and learning the country’s language. Traveling like a local means you submerge yourself in its culture and gain a new perspective. Choose one of our Local Travel […]

New office Favoroute

Since last week we have moved! Although we still stay in the same Rockstart building, we moved two floors up! From now on, we will be working on Herengracht 182 (instead of 180), just above the cool Ball Room in Rockstart. Are you in the neighbourhood? You are always welcome to come by! New address: […]

surfguides Europe | Favoroute

Although you might think of Hawaï, Australia, or California first when it comes to surfing, Europe has plenty of hidden surf gems as well! Try Portugal, Sardinia, or Fuerteventura as one of your next surf destinations and find all the best beaches, spots, and rentals in our guidebooks! Surfing in the south west of Portugal, […]

Het Laatste Nieuws | Favoroute

In this weekend’s edition of Het Laatste Nieuws (the latest news), one of the main newspapers in Belgium, our Travel Designers Tineke and Dorien featured their travel guidebook ‘Bem-Vindo. Porto en de Dourovallei‘.

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Gili Trawangan | Favoroute

Bali is a dream destination. A unique island with its own culture, pace, and natural beauties. This diverse island has so much to offer that just laying on beach is a disappointment for your own trip. Read more about the 15 best things to do in Bali and explore the many faces of the island!

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Karlijn Travels | Favoroute

Japan is known for its clash between old and new, tradition and tech. Making a trip to Japan is an unforgettable journey, in which you want to explore the country at its best. In this list, we will show you the top 10 things to do in Japan, so you won’t miss a thing! 1. […]

City Trips Europe | Favoroute

Are you a real citytripper? Feeling at home with a travel guidebook in one hand and your sunglasses in the other? Have a look at our inspiring selection of ten city trips in Europe. Perhaps you might find your next destination! 1. Milan, Italy. Milan is the capital of fashion and home to one of […]

LaPlaya Ibiza | Favoroute

Known as ‘the magical island’, Ibiza has been a favorite holiday destination in Europe. Crazy parties, yoga retreats, deserted beaches, and the bohemian lifestyle make Ibiza an island to return to. Planning a trip to Ibiza any time soon? Create your own travel guidebook by combining different spots from our Travel Designers. We already made […]

Syracusa | Favoroute

Sicily is hot this Summer! Not only in temperature, but also as a more and more upcoming travel destinations. Create your own travel guidebook by combining different spots from our Travel Designers. We already made a selection for you, so you can start collecting! Enjoy!

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TravelNext Column Favoroute

Today the last Summer column of Frederieke was posted on TravelNext. The column is addressing the paid vs. non paid issue on blog campaigns in the travel industry. In short, we plead for more paid blog campaigns, since it is better for the sustainability of the blogger, and it yields better results in interaction and advertisement […]


“With Favoroute you can create your own travel guide to personal, interactive and up-to-date.” – Elke Dag Vakantie clearly depicted some of Favoroute functions including its web and mobile presence. For instance, Favoroute’s unique feature to put or copy only those destinations to your route that are relevant to your trip. Favoroute makes it possible to craft your […]

best summer guidebooks | Favoroute

Summer is here! And this means time to relax, time to sunbath, time to vacate, and time to drink plenty of cocktails. All of this is nice, but only when the sun is high in the sky and the temperature allows you to wear your favorite swimsuit. So where do you go? In this Summer […]

Margriet | Favoroute

In this month’s magazine of Margriet, you can find a small article about Favoroute! It’s explaining how Favoroute is your DIY-travel guidebook: “With Favoroute you can create your own travel guidebook with tips of friends and travel bloggers, so you can combine everything you’re interested in. Much easier to take along than a heavy book in your […]

Favoroute Logo

We want to thank you for all the feedback, comments, and likes you have given us to make Favoroute better step-by-step. And we are not there yet! For the next phase we would love to see what you think is the next best step for us! Do you see some points of improvement for us […]

reis-samenstellen Favoroute

This Summer Frederieke is asked to write two columns about her experience in the travel industry at this moment. For this first column, Frederieke is reviewing a research by Web Loyalty about the wishes of the traveler to ‘compose their own trip’, and is questioning whether travelers actually want all the troubles and hazards of doing […]

Jan Magazine | Favoroute

The Summer edition of Jan Magazine called ‘De Superdikke Vakantie Jan’ (the super thick holiday Jan) mentioned Favoroute as one of the must-have apps for this Summer! Check the stores now to score on of these classic Summer editions

pocket editions | Favoroute

Looking for an adventurous travel? A road less discovered? Or a place without tourists? Planning these trips can be quite difficult, since information is scarce. The large publishers simply don’t print travel guidebooks anymore, and TripAdvisor recommendations can give you the chills. You need an exclusive Pocket Edition, written by some of our travel writers, guiding […]

TravMagazine | Favoroute

The latest printed magazine of TravMagazine (number 26), an initiative by TravConnect, features an interview with Frederieke, about the road to success, future goals, and how to succeed as a startup in the travel industry. Every time another Dutch startup is chosen to explain their story of how to conquer the travel industry. In this […]

top10 craziest hotels | Favoroute

Why choosing an ordinary hotel to stay in when you can choose on these crazy places? And the beautiful thing… most of them you can just rent through AirBnB! Have a look at our crazy-sleepover-bucketlist and tell us your favorite!

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Italy | Favoroute

We all know Europe is a beautiful continent! But some movies give us the little reminder we need sometimes. This movie is not an exception. In this timelapse, Greece, Italy and Iceland and more countries are shot in a beautiful manner. Have a look now!

Amsterdam startups | Favoroute

Today Favoroute made it to the ’50 Amsterdam startups you should get to know’ list, by We couldn’t be more proud to be on the list among the big birds like 3D Hubs, WeTransfer, TravelBird and Fashiolista! To check the full list, have a look here.    

Leapfunder header | Favoroute

Network funding platform Leapfunder had an interview with the founder of Favoroute, Frederieke Wolter, about crowdfunding and her (successful) experiences with the platform. Favoroute had two successful campaigns on Leapfunder and shared her story about this in the interview.

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