The Philippines – mystery route!  Day 1: After a long long flight we finally arrive to paradise. With best friends, traveling for a who whole month! Where do think we are? Day2: Having lazed out the jet legs on the beach, we make our way to the northern tip of the island: diving, dramatic cliffs, […]

Visit the beautiful region of South West India in just 12 days!  Day to day: Day 1 & 2: fly into Cochin and explore this spice capital of Kerala. Wander through the remains of its colonial history in the old part of Cochin, Fort Cochin. Day 3: Drive inland into the Western Ghats – a […]

This week Favoroute was on the #Vakantiebeurs (travel exhibition) in Utrecht! We visited the travel blogger meetings by, questioned travels about their plans for this summer and explored all the new destinations!

Tanzania & Zanzibar Kazuri Safari has a diverse 14-day trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar of you! On the safari, you will stay in good medium class lodges and tented campes on full board. You will be able to visit three wild parks: Tarangire, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Krater. Besides, you can meet the locals, […]

Isn’t this one of the best things to put on your bucket list?! Roadtripping from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 3 weeks! Watch the amazing video by Cornelius Bierer.

When in Lapland, one of the most important things is to eat and drink well! Travel Blogger Cindy tells about the best thing to eat ( and drink! ) to stay warm in freezing Lapland!  What to eat & drink in Lapland? The cuisine in Lapland is not very special – potatoes, salmon and stew are […]

Some of the best tips come from our travel bloggers. Here’s some information from travel blogger Cindy you can’t miss when you are planning your trip to Lapland!  How did you plan your trip to Lapland? We booked our trip with Askja! A great Dutch travel organization that plans adventurous, active nature vacations to different locations! They are […]

Are you planning your trip to Lapland? What is not absolutely not to miss? Find out by reading this blog by travel blogger Lieveke!  Make a tour on a snowmobile: If you join an organized trip you will receive special gear (a snow suit to wear over your own ski-outfit) and helmets! However, it is […]

This week we will route you to Lapland, Scandinavia! This is where Santa comes from, the Northern Light shows and it can be up to -20C!

Pitch: Favoroute in 5 minutes! 

Real Patagonia The last of this week’s road trips in Patagonia takes you up north from El Calafate and Tres Lagos along the magical route 40 to the town of Perito Moreno and further West to the border with Chile. There’s no lakes in Tres Lagos, the magical route 40 is being paved depriving it […]

Ushuaia. The End of the World. The beginning of EverythingLocated at 3152 kilometers from Buenos Aires by road, isolated from the continent by the Strait of Magellan, some people consider Ushuaia too far off. In fact, that’s why in 1906 they chose this place to build a prison. Those who do make the effort visiting […]

Southern Patagonia This road trip in Southern Patagonia combines the highlights in the region, and allows for many side trips by road to really get to know the surroundings. Also I included the best hiking options, up to a 10-day trekking, getting you very close to glaciers, rock beds and the amazing condor. This road […]

Route West-East-West This route crosses from West to East and back West, although you can shorten it as you like or combine it with another route to enlarge your Patagonian experience.  Bariloche is a year round tourist destination, offering both great hiking and skiing in a beautiful landscape. The town itself is nothing special, unless […]

Introduction to Patagonia “Patagonia. She is a hard mistress. She casts her spell. An enchantress. She folds you in her arms and never lets go” – In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin. A classic book, In Patagonia. Almost 40 years after much may have changed, but the empty and inhospitable Patagonian landscape described by Chatwin remains. Ans […]

Favoroute won the first prize at pitching event Online Tuesday! 

This week we will show you all the best trip from Patagonia in Argentina and Chili! Always wanted to visit this extraordinary region? Follow this week’s routes!

Discover one of Italy’s best, but unknown wine region Friuli Venezia GiuliaJacqueline Krielaart, owner of Sapore d’Amore, imports personally selected wines. Several years of exploring the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the Northeastern part of Italy, bordering Austria and Slovenia and visiting the wine producers, revealed its hidden treasures. The multiple flavors, hospitality, history and […]

Epernay and the surrounding region in Champagne Starting point of this route will be Reims, it is definitely worth to visit the Cathédrale Notre-Dame of Reims. It is one of the most important Gothic buildings in France. The cathedral is of historical importance because here the kings of France were crowned and the episode with Joan of Arc was going on. Reims is famous for […]

Duck breast with oranges and hazelnuts This dish is best served with a mature red Bourgogne – preferably a Volnay or Beaune (the Grand Cru is recommended!!)  Ingredientsduck breast4 sp sugar1 shallot50 gr crushed hazelnuts2 dl red wine 4dl stock (meat)2 orangesbuttersalt and pepper How to prepare 1. Cut a diamant pattern in the fat layer of […]

Interview „In Germany the farmers work together to fight the image of only producing German sweet wine” Who are the people behind BestWineRoutes? “My wife (Isabelle) and I (Martijn Rademakers) are the initiators of BestWineRoutes, but there are also people writing with us. These people are mainly wine lovers: journalists, importers of wines, or someone […]

A new week full of new routes! And this week the Road Trips will be all about the best wine routes! Always wanted to visited the most beautiful wineries in Europe? Or maybe Argentina or Australia? Keep posted on these weeks blogs and find out more about the best routes!

Caucasus in two weeks!  Incredible hospitality, religion, wine and food are the most important ingredients of this trip. This Road Trip will take you from Baku (the fascinating capital of Azerbaijan) through the mountains and valleys of Georgia and Armenia to Jerevan. This trip is different, complete and special!  You can find more information about this trip on:

Uzbekistan and the Pamirs In this Road Trip culture and nature are the most imporant ingredients. The route will take you to the legendary Silk route cities of Uzbekistan to the breath taking and impressive nature of the Pamir mountains. It’s a three week trip with lots to explore of history, nature and culture.  Find […]

Belarus and Latvia in 9 days!  It’s a combination of big city and the country, but also the closeness of Belarus. Sometimes you can even imagine yourself in times of the Soviet. Find out more details of this journey on:

Link: The Latin-America expedition – ThatWanderlust Blogger Renate from ThatWanderlust used Favoroute to prepare her trip to Latin America. Read the full article on this link!  

Interview with travel organisation ‘Blini’ – based in the Netherlands.  “People don’t realise that Riga is even closer than Portugal!”  With over 17 destinations in the former Soviet Union, Blini travel is one of the experts in offering trips and knowledge of this area. To get a better understanding of  this company and the area […]

Coming up north from the Stuart Highway, this trip will be waiting for you. Visiting multiple national parks, waterfalls and wildlife!This Northern Territory Route by Travel North is absolutely a must visit! For more information, visit their website:

Stuart Highway – ‘the Track’ There aren’t many road trips like this one… They come very rare. This route is also known as ‘the Track’ and named after explorer John McDouall Stuart who discovered a route through Australia’s inland on several excursions in the 1850s and 1860s.  With over 3000 km, this road trip – crossing the entire […]

Choosing your car while Road Tripping in the Outback!  Driving in Australia is an experience to be savoured! It is a way to experience the wide-open spaces and magnificent natural scenery, and there are so many destinations that can only be experienced by car. Before setting off you should make sure you are well prepared […]

Today we start the Australian dirt road Road Trip Week!  Always wanted to travel the dirt roads by jeep, stumble upon crocodiles and experience the real outback?!  Follow this week’s blogs and get ready to get into the wilderness!

„After surf” After surfing, or on days the waves are low, there is plenty to do on Bali! As you could read in the previous post, you can eat delicious Indonesian food here. Very often, we just took our motorbike and drove around the island looking for new warungs where we didn’t eat yet. On […]

„Eat, sleep, surf”   Besides surfing, you have to eat and sleep. You can depend the type of sleeping place on your budget. We did sleep quite often in homestays. Homestays are rooms next to the houses of locals which you can rent. In Canggu we stayed at Ombak Bagus Homestay. It’s a homestay where […]

Where are the great surf spots? On Bali there are great surf spots and every surf spot is different. The first you check when you want to go surfing on a certain spot are the predictions. Will there be any waves? During my trip I was lucky enough to have enough waves. A good website […]

Surf Gear The most important things you need on a surf trip are, of course, surf gear. I didn’t bring my board to Bali, but there are plenty of possibilities to get your surf gear in Bali. First, the board. Along the beach there are lots of men renting the boards. We rented a board […]

„Bali surf road trip” Bali is a true paradise when it comes to surfing. Several beautiful surf spots, for experienced and non-experienced surfers there are plenty of waves and the water temperature is so good you would only need a board shorts! Besides, Bali is of course a beautiful island with lots of things to […]

This week we will start the first Road Trip Weeks!! This week we will follow Jasper’s road trip in Bali and you find out about the ins and outs of surfing! 

Next week we will start the Road Trip Weeks: the best Road Trips from all over the world worth doing! Since we need to have a bit more patience, we took the time to look back. Here’s a small caption of our activities outside the office in the last few months!

All good things come to an end! And so are our Continent Weeks…We would like to thank all our amazing FavoBloggers for sharing their stories and photos these last few months!From New Zealand to the USA, from Bolivia to Nepal and from Europe to South Africa, We Loved It! Thank you very much!!