What on earth is an inselberg!?? It’s time for a little geological catch-up: coming from the German words for “island” and “mountain”, these visually stunning land forms protrude from relative flatness in an absolutely remarkable way. Our amazing earth has so many stunning surprises and if you have the chance to travel to these gifts of nature, your jaw will drop every time. Guaranteed.

Wave Rock – Australia 

An 15m high and over 100m long, wave rock is without a doubt the most impressive wave you’ll find a long way away from any ocean.

Wave Rock by John Cooke

Photo by John Cooke

Pietra di Bismantova – Italy

Mentioned in Dante’s purgatory, you already know to expect something incredible from the Pietra di Bismantova and its surrounding landscape.

EPSON DSC picture

Suilven – Scotland

Commonly considered one of the finest mountains in Great Britain, Suilven rises dramatically from the moorlands of Inverpolly National Nature Reserve.

suilven-1253262_1280 (1)

Sugarloaf Mountain – Brazil

Take a cablecar to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain and enjoy an almost unbelievable panorama of Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s must-do experiences.

Sugarloaf_Mountain_as_seen_from_Corcovado (1) Sugarloaf_mountain_in_Rio_de_Janeiro (1)

Murphy’s Haystacks – Australia

Australia is in lead position for having the most peculiar inselbergs and Murphy’s Haystacks definitely doesn’t disappoint. These pink granite formations located on a certain Mr Murphy’s farmland were mistakenly recognised as haystacks from afar.

Murphys_Haystacks (1)

Spitzkoppe – Namibia

Visible from great distances, the bizarre formation of the Spitzkoppe lends to it its reputation as the Matterhorn of Namibia. The granite is over 120 million years old, almost impossible to comprehend.


Zuma Rock – Nigeria

Zuma Rock is famous not only for its monolothic presence, but also for the human face that emerges from the natural formation of the rock. Can you see it below?

10-22-04 025

Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is the most visited sight in Sri Lanka and it’s easy to see why – its impressive stature combined with an absolutely fascinating history make for what could be the most intriguing inselberg on this list.

sigiriya-459197_1920 (1)

Piedra del Peñol – Colombia

The view from the top of Piedra del Peñol is well worth the 659 zig-zagging steps it takes to get there. This inselberg is so prized for its form that it has been a point of rivalry between Guatapé and El Peñol, the two towns that it dominates.



Uluru – Australia

Perhaps one of the most recognisable inselbergs in the world, Uluru is a true gem that can be found at the heart of Australia. View Uluru at sunrise or sunset to watch this majestic monolith change colours.

Uluru,_helicopter_view (1)

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