Route in Nicaragua

Route in Nicaragua
Day 1: This city is like Disney World! All these beautiful and colourful houses and colonial courtyards! And not too far from the city you can find paradise islands to relax! And beach time it is! We traveled to paradise island – just to relax on the beach in the hammock!
Day 2: We came unto this island to chill out, and to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the epic waves, the booz and not to forget… the Australian surf gods! We try to enjoy the hammocks as much as we can! After surfing these can be pretty comfy!
Day 3: An Island as beautiful as this, you don’t want to miss! Two volcanos make up for incredible views with incredible flora and fauna! How to visit the mountains? By boat..
Day 4: Driving by horse up unto the volcano was an incredible experience! This afternoon we will go further on our route!  We arrived on our next destination! If you enjoy coffee and hiking, you don’t want to miss this nature reserve!
Day 5: Make long hikes through the mountains and be surprised by the wide views! We found the best spot the check out the view! Tomorrow we head back into the city and leave this beautiful nature behind!
Day 6: A city as it should be.. beautiful, raw and thrilling!
Route: Granada – San Juan del Sur – Isla de Ometepe – Leon – Miraflor – Matagalpa – Laguna de Apoyo