Mystery route in Thailand

Day 1: Just arrived by plane and heading to the center of the city. This view is very typical for this city. Cars who are fully packed and a lot of tuktuk’s and scooters! 

Day 2: Our first stop this morning is this wonderful temple; Wat Pho. Also named ‚Temple of the Reclining Buddha’. The Reclining Buddha is decorated with Gold Leaf and Nacre – really pretty! Before we entered the temple, we had to take our shoes off and went in with bare feet. It’s an absolute politeness in this country! 

Day 3: What do you think of our ride this afternoon? It was really nice taking a taxi like this through the busy city! Afterwards we left the big city,  time to enjoy the countryside! We’ve made a tour through the jungle – full of mosquitos and sleeping at home-stays!  

Day 4: In the morning we went to a small local market to buy some nice fresh and typical vegetables and ingredients! Of course we cooked these dishes the traditional way. It was an amazing experiences to live so close with the locals! 

Day 5: We traveled further into the mountains, close to the border! What a wonderful place to watch the sun go down! We continued our journey to this beautiful island. It’s well known for the famous Full Moon Parties take place over here during the full moon! 

Day 6: Look at this amazing view and way of living. We wish we could stay here forever! Unfortunately it’s already the last day of our trip. It’s too bad, but we’ve had a wonderful time! When can we go back?!Tomorrow we will show you the exact route covering all places posted last week! 

Thank you Inge and Nienke for the beautiful pictures and inspiring route!