Mystery Route through Colombia – by Gijs

Day 1: On the first day we went to Ville de Leyva and played the official national sport, Tejo, an explosive combination of beer, gunpowder and flying lead pucks!  Afterwards we took a 6-hour hike and went to the Iquaque Lake! The highest point was at 3800 m! 

Day 2: Another active day! On the second day we went abseiling from this waterfall in San Gil and paragliding in the Chicamocha Canyon! The views were amazing! 

Day 3: We arrived in the National Park Tayrona where we had a nature hike to Pueblito!

Day 4: We visited the old city of Cartagena! An old colonial city where every year the Miss Pageants are held!

Day 5: We arrived in paradise! Isla Pintipan is part of the San Bernardo archipel in the Caribbean Sea! This island is the perfect place to relax, snorkel and dive! 

Day 6: Our last moment on this wonderful island Isla Tintipán! Later this day we will go to the capital Bogota!