The Philippines – mystery route! 

Day 1: After a long long flight we finally arrive to paradise. With best friends, traveling for a who whole month! Where do think we are?

Day2: Having lazed out the jet legs on the beach, we make our way to the northern tip of the island: diving, dramatic cliffs, more beaches and a serious touch of nightlife in the beachfront reggae bar!

Day3: Our second week in. The guys of TAO organize amazing five day boat expeditions off the tourist trail. Camping out on gems of islands, snorkeling the reefs and chilling on the deck, without any digital connection to the outside world. Great! 

Day4: Some of the Islands on the expedition had been heavily damaged by the Tyfoon. The TAO expedition jumped in to provide emergency relief right from the start and are still doing great work to help the island communities get back on their feet. Felt good to able to help out by getting the necessities to the villages. 

Day5: Halfway though and time for some serious partying. Boracay, aka the Ibiza of the Philippines. Great parties if you know where to look. Very dodgy ones if you don’t… But for sure great beaches and tons of activities.

Day6: One of the great highlights of our stay on Barocay: learning how to kitesurf at the Greenyard; great school with the most friendly and welcoming instructors you’ll ever find.