„After surf”

After surfing, or on days the waves are low, there is plenty to do on Bali! As you could read in the previous post, you can eat delicious Indonesian food here. Very often, we just took our motorbike and drove around the island looking for new warungs where we didn’t eat yet.

On Bali the surf culture is pretty huge and often there are surf events. For example, we visited the ‘Ombak Bali’ surf festival. There was a large screen on the beach where you could watch surf movies in beanbags. Afterwards there was always a party you could go to. Another great event we visited was the Ripcurl Pro, close to Padang Padang; a big surf competition that is mainly into driving big barrels. Very good to watch! These competition can only follow through when the wave are good, so everyone was waiting in excitement!

On the Gili islands it’s possible to snorkel between the beautiful coral and tropical fish. We even saw a seaturtle! What’s also fun to do when on the Gili islands when there are not so many waves is Stand Up & Paddle surfing. You are basically standing on a bigger surf board and holding a paddle. You can easily paddle or try to catch a small wave. But the best thing is to go early in the morning! Then there is no wind and you can see all the coral through the clear water.

There are also a lot of parties on Bali. In Kuta (the most touristic place in Bali) you can find some nightclubs with plenty of good parties, but with a lot of tourists. The ‘Skygarden’ is the most famous club with multiple storeys. At Deus in Canggu there is a band playing every Sunday night and in Padang Padang there is a Full Moon Party every full moon. So there is something for everyone!

With surf culture there is also surf clothes. Many surf brands have an outlet shop on Bali. The new collection clothes and hardware are mostly sold here for a reasonable price. Along the ‘high way’ called Sunsetroad there are a lot of outlets. Do you love surf brands? Then you should definitely be here!  

This was my last post about my Surf Road Trip in Bali, I hope you enjoyed it! Either way, I loved writing the blogs! These blogs were mainly about surfing in Bali, but there is much more to do on this beautiful island. Do you want to know more about my trip? Have a look at my favoroute profile and send me a message! Thank you!

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