Perfect place for a perfect date!

New York: a lively city with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, lounges and parks. A city where so many beautiful people live. The moment you get asked out of a date – or when you want to take someone out on a date – this lounge is the place to be!

This place is like a unknown world changing your perspective. The atmosphere is cozy, mysterious and has a French allure.

Fot the manly whisky lovers this is the place to be, but for the women there are plenty of cocktails to chose from while enjoying the live jazz performances and culinaire food. This is the ultimate best place to go on a date or catch up with friends!

This magical place I’m talking about is called ‘The Flatiron Room’. It has been open for only one year, but be careful, making a reservation is a must!

Esther van Ierlant.

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