Ready for a special night-out or for an insolit-romantic getaway? We have what you need! Favoroute has decided to make up a list of the most incredibile and surprising traditionnal houses of the world that you may have not yet considered! Between Eco way-of-life discovering, adventurous housing experience and unexpected retreat from the moving world: a change of scenery guaranteed!


1. River “arbol” hut in Ecuador

The famous Cabana en un arbol are typical of the Ecuador and offer an incredibile one life time experience in the very heart of the river. Everything becomes an adventure, even your way to get to the hut! Real exposure to the wild and aquatic life of the Ecuador elements, these humble straw and wooden huts will allow you to reconnect with elements. A unforgettable out-of-time experience awaits you!

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2. Trulli houses in Alberobello, Italy



A trullo (Trulli, plural) is an unexpected traditionnal dry stone white house from the so typical and picaresque region of Apulia (Puglia in Italian). A trullo’s interior is covered with dry stone (mix of calcareous tufa) and as the shape of a vault. Many alcoves are thus created and allow really amazing interior decorations! But its most incredibile well kept secret is its unique conical roof on which each local have its own christian symbol. An ideal insolit night for a sucessfull romantic getaway!

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 3. Minka houses in Japan


Japan is definitely everything we like! When all think about the typical asian temple style houses Japan surprises us with a traditionnal hut architecture from another time that no one would expect. Declining in several different types of Minka according to the region, these typical straw thatched houses present the same refined interior decoration. Did you also know that Minka stands for “houses of the people”? One night in this so peculiar traditionnal houses will allow you to taste to the Japanese culture to the fullest!

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4. Toba Batak houses in Sumatra, Indonesia


The Toba Batak houses design and shape are architectural treasures created by the Batak indonesian peoples. The etny used to live communally in these boat shaped houses, and put on drapes for intimacy. Tales reveal that these surprising houses are dedicated, inspired and thus protected by the Lake Toba. Did you also know that theses houses are earth-quake resistant ? A real spiritual retreat awaits you in theses peaceful amazing Sumatra gems!

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5. Houseboat in Amsterdam, Netherlands



The blooming and shiny Amsterdam canals often welcome those specials and unique primary residences, all energy indepedent and triggering a new Eco-spirit model around the world! Re-designed and modified as people can establish their fix home, the Singel Canal in Amsterdam offers to the eyes the most surprising houseboats ever seen, from the most typicals to  excentric one! Have a great orange juice on a sunny morning in the canals is already a wonderful and refreshing experience!

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6. Cubic houses in Rotterdam


These houses are certainly not the most traditionnal houses of Rotterdam but they are for sure the most surprising! Imaginated and created by the architect Piet Blom, these strange perfectly standing cubic houses offer an innovative thrill to the city. The design is said to represent a village, in which each house would be symbolizing a tree, thus forming a very original forest! Get up there and visit the show cube house to get the ultimate Picasso-like living experience!

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