Valencia, here we come!


Today, we leave Barcelona and head southward to Valencia. The train takes us there in about 6 hours, so by the time we get there we have to take a cab to our camping. We (kind off randomly) picked a place in El Saler: a national park just between the beach and the city of Valencia, the perfect location and very beautiful. The camping itself however turned out to be pretty shitty – unfortunately you could smell that too.. Thank goodness we were practically never there: we spent daytime at the beach and the evenings in the city.

Valencia is a gorgeous city. Almost looks like a weird mix between Paris and something more exotic. The center is old and beautiful, with idyllic little streets and likewise restaurants and shops. However, if you go just outside the center, you’ll find a great promenade alongside an old dried up riverbed where Santiago Calatrava (a famous architect) has gone completely wild designing the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. The city of arts and sciences consists of six very futuristic buildings: a cinema, open air disco and planetarium among them.

In the evening, it is still 31 degrees (!), so we decided to have some tapas outside and try to cool down. But all of a sudden we are part of a very random and crazy, carnavalesque street party. Out of nowhere, circus acts and musicians pop up and pull Lette and me from the crowd into the chaos. I can only imagine how ridiculous I must have looked :)

Madeleine Mans

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