Paris Plage 2012

Summer is here! Who said we have to go to the Balearic Islands to know how to get the most out of it? Believe us, you can live your summer to the fullest in Paris! From sipping a cocktail on trendy blossoming rooftops to laying on the docks beach, Paris is the city that never sleeps, especially when it makes you enjoy your vacation! Clear blue water, sunrise laying in the sand and unforgettable Parisian summer nights out await you!

At Favoroute what we like most is to discover cities from a fresh new angle, uncovering its most hidden gems and unexpected, undiscovered spots! Luckily for us, Paris never runs out of surprises. After exploring the most ideal romantic city in the world in Charlotte Van Dijk’s and Sarah Breimer guidebooks, Paris is charming as ever in summer! Here are 5 Parisian summer feelings you ought to experience!

1. Its open air pools

Summer isn’t summer without having a swim! A real Parisian gem, the Josephine Baker open air pool is a fun and refreshing delight. In this peculiar floating pool, you will have the feeling of almost swimming in the Seine!  You can also dive into the well-known Keller pool in the middle of the Beaugrenelle skyline, peace of mind, well-being and change of scenery guaranteed!



2. Its stylish rooftops

THE Parisian hit of this summer, rooftops are blossoming in Paris and offering exceptional panoramas to your eyes. The Quarante-Trois or Le Perchoir have the finest view possible of the Eiffel Tower or the Marais! Get some height and have a taste of this exquisite new Parisian trend!

Discover these bars unique panoramas on their websites > Quarante-Trois / Le Perchoir


3. Its open air concerts and cinema nights

Every year, the Parc de la Villette organises its great open air Cinema Festival! Entirely free, let’s chill on the comfy grass of this elegant park and watch the tasteful film selection of this year’s “Dress code” theme, a wine glass in hand, just as the locals do!

Found out about the film programme > here


In Paris the opening of La Plage is always a great event!  In summer, the trendy Club Glazart becomes an open air club with an artificial beach where you will be able to enjoy some free music concerts laying down in the sand until sunrise! A summer place-to-be until the 2nd of October! For more information > here


4. Having a picnic in its wonderful parks and squares

When the weather is getting too hot, a balad and picnic in a Parisian square are a must-do. Breathe the fresh air between the trees and relax far from the craziness of Paris without even leaving it! These are the real charms that the Bois de Vincenne and internationally famous Jardin des Tuileries will offer you. Popular blossoming groves and clear blue ancient fountains await you on these sunny afternoons!





5. Its artificial beaches!

Who said it’s impossibile to get a great tan in Paris? “Paris plages” is an event not to be missed! From the 21st of July, the refined capital transforms its streets into a summer place-to-be! Covered in sand, the parisian docks will offer either relaxation and sunbathing for some of us or water attractions and activites for others! Paris definitely knows how to have it all!

Paris Plage 2012


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