Everybody is looking for unforgettable experiences! Favoroute has found 5 of the most challenging places in the world for you. From Europe to America, get prepared for stunning man-made inventions in full harmony with nature! From surfing in the desert to walking on water, artists as well as mere passionates offer us a new way of discovering the world.

Are you ready for this?


1.  Casa del Arbol swing in Banos Canyons, Ecuador.


Discover Ecuador swinging! This swing hangs 2,600 meters high over the Banos Canyon in Ecuador. Famously known under the name of the charming house it is fiercely attached to: Casa del Arbol, this incredible swing is a real step back to childhood and offers a moment of breathtaking freedom. Admiring Banos’ untouched landscapes is a once in a lifetime experience as well as a great challenge as the swing has no security net! Only the brave will have a pure taste of the edge of the world!

2. Floating Piers at Lago Iseo, Italy


Christo Floating Piers


Who said walking on water was impossible? Italy has done it! With the Floating Piers, a real earthwork art project thought and realised by the Italian artist Christo, humankind has been able to make its first steps on water thanks to over 3km of floating walkway on the Iseo Lake. The orange ribbons allow a unique panoramic treasure hunt in the middle of nature’s elements! (get more info on the dedicated Floating Piers website)

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3. Pentagone Spacenet, near Moab, Utah.


Explore Utah sleeping over its Canyons in a Spacenet! A Spacenet is a slackline (see picture) as well as a hamac which can host over 10 people. This project has been pursued by passionate people meeting for the Turkey BASE Boogie and G.G.B.Y highline annual gathering. A pure air and red land adrenaline shot for adventurers who want to feel the blood pumping through their veins!

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4. Dune surfing, Huacachina, Peru.

Oasis_Huacachina Sandboarding,_Swakopmund_(5833484690)+++

Let’s go for a surfing session… in the desert of Huacachina! This peaceful and remote oasis of land is a treasure to slide back and forth upon! Lost in the middle of the desert, sandboarding becomes the most enjoyable and yet unusual way of feeling the warm white peruvian sand. Cerro Blanco, often called “The Everest of the Desert” is well known to be the highest dune in the world. A mythical encounter with the hidden gems of Peruvian nature!

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5. Hiking to the magma chamber of Thrihnukagigur volcano, Iceland.


Enter the edge of the world and get underneath the earth! The Thrihnukagigur sleeping volcano offers an incredible and unique experience at its very heart – in the unknown depths of its magma chamber. This ultimate challenge is a real delight for the eyes revealing an unexpected view beyond belief. A thrilling hike in the most well-kept secrets of nature!

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