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Rain, wind, and cold. Or maybe just the last bit of sun before the winter starts? Some hate the autumn and other’s love it. It’s the season of orange, red, and yellow. The season of rain boots. And the season of long strolls in the city or at the beach. Are you wandering to warm destinations in perhaps southern Europe or do you prefer to feel the autumn cold in sunny Stockholm? We collected the best Autumn destinations for you here.

1. South Africa
The fall is the perfect season for whale watching. Where better to look at these amazing creatures than in South Africa? In the guidebook ‘Cape Town 3 Day Marine Adventure‘ by Michelle Uys, she points out the best places of the continent to go to along the coast!

Whales South Africa | Favoroute

2. Sevilla
Far in the south of Spain the temperatures stay around 20 degrees in the fall. A perfect temperature for tapas, a city walk, and late night sangrias on the rooftop. In the guidebook ‘Citytrip Sevilla‘ (NL) Sandra from Travel by San guides you to the best places in the city for a stay of 5 days. Are you joining her?

Sevilla Autumn | Favoroute

3. Waddeneilanden of the Netherlands
Although the islands in the north of the Netherlands would not be top of mind when thinking about Autumn destinations, but the long beaches make the perfect setting for long strolls and hot chocolates. With the the possibility of multiple islands – Texel, Ameland, and Schiermonninkoog – there is always a perfect sunset to find!

Waddeneilanden herfst | Favoroute

4. Corfu
This Greek island is at its best in autumn and spring, when the large crowds left the island and the true culture and Corfiots come out.  The relatively mild temperatures of 20 degrees C. in the fall, make it a perfect place to fill the battery for the winter to come. In the guidebook ‘Keizerlijk Corfu‘ (NL) by Tineke and Dorien the hidden gems of this island is captured in a beautiful route.

Corfu in Autumn | Favoroute

5. Stockholm 

The orange, red, and yellow forests in the city make this Swedish capital the ultimate Autumn destination. Just before the winter kicks in, this is the place to go! For the ultimate Swedish experience, read the guidebook ‘Drie dagen in super Stockholm‘ (NL) by Go Marjo.

Autumn Stockholm | Favoroute




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