No better way to learn about San Francisco than with a local! From funny weather facts to undisclosed architectural secrets, Megan Funk’s 4 Days in San Francisco guidebook will make you feel part of the city’s atmosphere in an authentic way. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the most unexpected secret places, San Francisco has so much to offer, North beach, Chinatown, Union Square, Alcatraz Rock…! Culture, History, wild nature, buzzing nightlife, world class to intimates restaurants and incredible panoramas of the bay… San Francisco is all about surprising but is yet a wonderful paradox!


From ‘4 Days in San Francisco’ guidebook

San Francisco is definitely unique in its genre. Between the sea lions in Fisherman’s Wharf, great surfing spots, enthusiast gay districts and incredible panoramas from the height of the Telegraph Hill, everything is unexpected in California’s big city. A diversity that makes the City of the Bay more than enjoyable and surprising! Its bay and especially its renowned fog are even scattering an out-of-the-box mysterious atmosphere all over the city.

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Cover ‘4 Days in San Francisco’ guidebook

Reading the 4 day itinerary is like entering the local world and experiencing the essentials of San Francisco, but with the insight of someone who has grown a passion for falling in love with it again and again and still have the sparkles! In her guidebook, Megan Funk explains more about the hotspots of San Francisco as the Fisherman Wharf, North Beach, Russian Hill, the Mission, the Embarcadero, Golden Gate Bridge as Union Square and many others… while always having the best restaurants tips and many other surprising advises that will make the difference for sure!

Megan Funk insights will lead you to the greatest spots of San Francisco – as North Beach – which is definitely a sea side district to see! Often referred to as the Little Italy because of its strong Italian-American stamp, North Beach is full of charms and considered as one of America’s greatest neighborhoods. Being the epicentre of the buzzing San Francisco life, you will see all kind of people with all kind of activities in North Beach, from study, to work, to tourism or parties, North Beach never ease off and its cultural beauty blend is timeless!

San francisco

From ‘4 Days in San Francisco’ guidebook

You can also get to discover the hidden gems of the Russian Hill! Originally called the “Seven Hills”, the Russian Hill (in hommage of the Russian settlers that were burried at the top of the hill) is a great way to have an overview of San Francisco craziness. With its famous, and crowded with tourists, Lombard Street and cable car line, one better have the tips of a local as to make the most out of this sensational and so trendy district!

As an out-of-the-box place, the Telegraph Hill! With its 84 meters high, will surprise you! Real unexpected place of San Francisco, the atmosphere at the Telegraph Hill is way different, calm and residential district, no sea lions in view but hundreds of wild green parrots! A tropical hint that for sure make of San Francisco a whole new experience.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

From ‘4 days in San Francisco’ guidebook

But yet the must see of San Francisco remains the Golden Gate Bridge! Suspended over the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge is the embodiment of San Francisco soul and a real symbol of the city finest architectural stamp! Most photographed Bridge in the whole world, the Golden Gate Bridge offers a incredible panorama and unforgettable vibrant memory!

Favoroute’s favorite hidden gem in Megan Funk San Francisco guidebook?

The Ghiradelle Square San Francisco

The Ghiradelle Square

> The Ghiradelle Square, where you can have a great overview of the San Francisco bay! Part of the Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelle is a national historic site that will make you feel like a San Francisco insider! Why not enjoy the bay after tasting some free chocolate and candy?

Who is Megan Funk?

 Megan Funk, SF Travel Designer

Creator and passionate writer of the Urbanite Insight blog, Megan Funk reveals her best spots and discoveries about her hometown San Francisco! As a food, Do It Yourself and travel blog, the Urbanite Insight is a real delight to follow and a complete diversify and exquisite must read to enjoy San Francisco lush of life to the fullest!

Breaking the daily routine is a difficult thing to do and sometimes the only thing we need is a little push, that what’s the Urbanite Insight understood for sure. Somehow, Megan Funk’s blog lead us on the way to happiness as a great reminder never to forget that even in the city where we wake up every morning we can still find hidden gems and get surprised! She will for sure make you see and discover San Francisco as many other cities she had the chance to explore, in an all new light.

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From San Francisco Favoroute guidebook

At Favoroute, we particularly like the guidebooks written by locals, so that your travel experience can be the most authentic and unexpected as possible. Both professional traveler and talented local blogger, Megan Funk’s San Francisco guidebook is the embodiment of everything Favoroute believes in!

Explore San Francisco like a local, with the 4 Day’s in San Francisco travel guide!

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