Beautiful Copenhagen awaits to be discovered! Often a forgotten destination, Copenhagen offers the best of Scandinavia. A meticulous blend between the stamps of Oslo and Stockholm, the colorful Danish capital is quite renowned for being at the edge as well as having an ecologic, lush life spirit. At the very core of Europe, Copenhagen is a place where creativity and art have no limit, making it one of the best grown-up travel playgrounds. Favoroute has gathered for you everything you need to know about Copenhagen’s must sees to enjoy 3 perfect days in Copenhagen guided by our Travel Designer’s expert eye. This hotspots of this bright city will no longer be a secret to you!


1 – Copenhagen Harbor


The Copenhagen harbor is a must see! Explosion of colors between red, yellow and blue tones, the peaceful harbor also welcomes the most charming boats ever. A perfect place to be when the sun shines, enjoy relaxing in the harbor on one of the many sun loungers offered. Paying a visit to the harbor will provide the ultimate traditional Danish vibes and views to its guest.

2 – Tivoli Gardens

tivoli gardens

The Tivoli Gardens are renowned to be a gigantic playground and amazing architectural out-of-the-box garden! Created in 1983, the Tivoli Gardens host the most epic shows and entertainment structures ever! Roller-coaster, amusement rides, pavilions, open-air concerts, theatrical carnival-like shows and many more games await. The best time to have a tour of the Tivoli Gardens is definitely on Saturday night where one can have the chance to enjoy its fireworks show!  Tivoli Gardens will be a real pleasure to visit for everyone, either for a family fun time or a romantic sunset escapade. Even wandering around its different and diverse arty-stylish venues is already a delight!

3 – Rosenburg Slot, Castle


One can never have enough of this incredible castle, its stylish blossoming garden and large esplanade! A real delight for the eyes, the castle is the most elegant monument of Copenhagen. All dressed with refined orange stones and green-blue ornements, the castle has everything of the classy Renaissance style of the 17th century. One can find magnificent rooms in its core, from the treasury to the chronologically put-in-order private apartments of the monarchs. Kings’ summer residency, the castle inspires the lushness of spring and it’s easy to picture and get fully immersed into how royal life must have been there. A historic yet refreshing experience!

4 – Noma restaurant 


Recognized as the best restaurant in the whole world twice, the Noma restaurant will close its doors at the end of 2016. But for the few who are devoted to gastronomy it’s never too late to try getting a seat at this exquisite restaurant of unutterable quality and be one of its privileged last guests. Our Travel Designer guidebook will reveal to you all the tips and strategies you need to know to try booking one of the 12 tables at the exclusive restaurant, and where to go for consolation if not!

5 – Little Mermaid

Little mermaid copenhagen

From the ‘Copenhagen citytrip’ guidebook

The Little Mermaid statue will bring back to you all the melancholy of your genuine childhood memories. An iconic reference to the little mermaid Andersen tale, the statue is to Denmark what the Statue of Liberty is to America. A true dream symbol, don’t miss out on taking a picture of this refined mermaid perched on a rock in the middle of the sea. Enjoy the best panoramic view and get a mystical thrill by attending this mysterious stone mermaid display against the sunset.

6 -Vor Frelsers kirke


The original, unique and extraordinary architecture of this church steeple is a once in a lifetime experience! The 95m high twisted spiral steeple covered with gold does not go unnoticed and definitely can’t be missed! The baroque style tower was built in the 17th century and is supposed to be inspired from its look alike twin tower, St Ivo in Rome. Its challenging 450 steps will allow you to get to its top and have a breathtaking panoramic overview of Copenhagen.

7 – Calsberg visitor center


What may cause the fascination with this brewery must be its offbeat style and character. Pillars sustained by two massive Elephant statues, the brewery center creates a real culture gap in the middle of Copenhagen. Retracing the whole history of the Danish beer since 1370 BC, the center will reveal to you everything you need to know about the famous Calsberg beer and you’ll even have a free tasting before the exit!

But Copenhagen is not only about cultural heritage, its traditional charm and entertainment but is also a hub of creativity and modern, artistic expression! Follow our Travel Designer’s insight to discover not only the hotspots of Copenhagen but also an entire artistic, design and culinary universe: Louisiana, Designer Zoo, Christiana museums and many other wonders await in Copenhagen!

Find out more about our Travel Designer’s Copenhagen guidebook here 

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