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Let us take you to unexpected places, a place beyond your dreams. – mission statement Favoroute. 

Off the beaten tracks and hidden gems. You want to go to a place unique, a place that could not be found in the ordinary travel guidebooks. Pick a guidebook written by an expert, maybe a local or expat, staying on a location for a longer time. Or for an expert with a unique talent in finding hotspots or budget places.

Let us take you to a place unexpected. This collection of guidebooks gives you the ‘not so ordinary’ hotspots. The ‘not so ordinary’ holiday destination. The ‘not so ordinary’ travel guidebook. your soul is your compass. 

1. Hamburg, Germany
Berlin? Hello, Hamburg is the new Berlin! In this guidebook written by hotspot blogger Rebecca from the blog MyTravelBoektje you can find all the latest hotspots in this upcoming city. Bye Bye beers and bratwurst, hello to the newest gin-tonic bars and bio-restaurants!

Hamburg City Guide | Favoroute

2. Utrecht, the Netherlands
Utrecht, a city often forgotten by the mass of tourists arriving on the airport and buying a return ticket to Amsterdam. Isn’t that a good thing? Yes! This means that Utrecht still offers all the good Amsterdam has to offer, but without any of the tourists. Who else than Utrecht-blogger Dainahara from Explore Utrecht can guide you through this city? Start exploring here…

City Trip Utrecht | Favoroute

3. The black villages of Guadalajara, Spain.
Just outside Madrid there is this mysterious area of villages called the ‘pueblos negros’, the black villages of Guadalajara. These small villages have a characteristic architectural style, which distincts them from any other village in Guadalajara and the rest of Spain. This unique guidebook is written by Ria from Spain Made For You, who lived in Spain for a couple of years. 

Guadalajara Spain | Favoroute

4. Summer trip to Jamaica
While Jamaica is often skipped for a summer paradise vacation, people mainly book a ticket to neighbouring islands Cuba, Dominican Republic, or Cancun (okay, not an island). Nevertheless, Jamaica is definitely worth a second loo
k! In the guidebook written by Sandra from InspiringVibes, you can have the real Rasta experience. 

Jamaica Travel Guide | Favoroute

5. Brighton Weekend Trip
“Did you say London?! No, Brighton!” This coastal city on the south beach of England is perfect for a weekend getaway and is often referred to as London-by-Sea. Quirky little shops, a large art scene, and more restaurants and pubs than any other city after London. Explore Brighton with the guidebook by Yashira, and have a British weekend getaway like no other! 

Brighton City Trip | Favoroute

6. Left bank of Paris
Of course, we all know that Paris is hardly an unexpected place. This guidebook on the other hand, is not like your regular Paris travel guidebook. This guidebook is merely focussed on the left bank of Paris, also referred to as the ‘Rive Gauche’. Find the best restaurants and things to do in this more relaxed part of Paris, and avoid the large crowd in this guidebook written by Sarah

Left Bank of Paris | Favoroute

7. Ushuaia, Argentina
It will be hard for you to find a travel guidebook about the ‘end of the world’, yet there is plenty to experience in this unique corner. Travel advisor Nicoliene is more than welling to share her best places in this guidebook. Visit the glaciers close to Antartica, or camp in national parks. There is always something to explore! 

Ushuaia Argentina | Favoroute

8. Train to Koper, Slovenia
Okay, so Slovenia is not your standard travel destination. And traveling by train? Not so much either. This guidebook is double unexpected! Traveling to Koper in Slovenia by train should be a hell of an experience! In this guidebook written by Reizen met de Trein, the basics and travel tips of taking the train to this beautiful medieval city are explained. 

Koper Slovenia | Favoroute

9. South West Portugal
Porto, Faro, Lisboa… But the south west of Portugal? Perhaps this area is not known for its touristic landmarks, its national dishes, or its famous liquors, but this stretch of sea is known for its good waves and magic vibes. In the guidebook written by Margootje & Josh, owners of the lovely Casa Meranka, you can explore the best beaches (and surf spots) and experience the local restaurants and activities in this area. 

Casa Meranka, surf trip South-West Portugal | Favoroute

10. La Gomera
Instead of going to Tenerife as one of the Canary Islands, try La Gomera for once! This former hippie island is quite unknown for the mass public and is the ultimate holiday destinations for travelers looking for peace, nature, and idyllic mountain villages. In this guidebook written by travel journalists Tineke and Dorien, you can find travel tips and inspiration why you should choose this island, instead of one of the others! 

La Gomera guidebook | Favoroute

11. Oman
Compared to its ‘bigger’ brothers Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman is still the hidden gems of the Emirates. With surprising nature such as beaches, wadi’s, mountains, deep pools and deserts, it’s hard to understand why just so few travelers know to find their way to this country. In this guidebook written by Tikva from Gezin op Reis, a road trip for traveling especially with children was designed. 

Road Trip Oman | Favoroute

12. Summer in Scotland
“Where do you go this Summer?” – “I’m going to Scotland!” is not a conversation people often have. Scotland is not your typical summer holiday destination. Nevertheless, a road trip to Scotland is best done in Summer and gives you an amazing experience around the many lakes. In this guidebook written by Bianca from Food Travel Photography, you can find a route for the ultimate Scottish road trip.

Road Trip Scotland | Favoroute


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