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Japan is known for its clash between old and new, tradition and tech. Making a trip to Japan is an unforgettable journey, in which you want to explore the country at its best. In this list, we will show you the top 10 things to do in Japan, so you won’t miss a thing!

1. Kenrokuen, Kanazawa.

According to the Japanse is the garden of Kenrokuen the most beautiful zen-garden in Japan.

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2. Mt. Aso, Kumamoto.

Mt Aso, is the largest and active volcano of Japan, and is also one of the largest volcanoes in the world with a peak of 1600 m above sea level and a caldera with a diameter of 25 kilometer….

Mt. Aso | Favoroute

3. Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto.

This Shrine was dedicated to the gods of rice and sake and is a spectacular pathway leading up to the mountain with hundreds of red torii.

Fushimi Inari Taisha | Favoroute

4. The Usogui no Taki waterfall, Kumamoto.

The name of this waterfall is in Japanese ‘The lying waterfall’ and you can walk behind the waterfall for a mysterious effect.

Japan Waterfall | Favoroute

5. Shibuya crossing, Tokyo.

The trendy neighbourhood Shibuya became world famous because of the Shibuya crossing, a crossing which is used by over a half million pedestrians a day, moving in all different directions.

Shibuya Crossing | Favoroute


6. Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto.

The Golden Temple is the most famous temple of Kyoto and is located in the north of the city.

Kinkaku-ji | Favoroute


7. Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki.

The memories, nightmares and most off all lessons of the second atomic bomb ever dropped on a population are found in Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. 


Nagasaki Bomb Museum | Favoroute

8. The traditional village of Shirakawago.

Rent a car and drive from Takayama towards the traditional village of Shirakawago, in the Japanse ‘Alps’.

Shirakawago | Favoroute

9. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto.

In the morning, take the train to Arashiyama, a neighbourhood in the west of Kyoto to visit the Sagano Bamboo Forest. 

Sagano_Bamboo_forest,_Arashiyama,_Kyoto | Favoroute

10. Mount Fuji.

Climbing Mount Fujisan is an extraordinary experience that is even possible for beginning climbers. In a two-day tour you can make it to the top!

mt-fuji | Favoroute



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